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Walking with Ghosts

Gabriel Byrne

When I Fell - How I Rerouted My Life and Found Strength in a Severed Spine

Michael Murphy

Tape's Rolling Take One

Adrian Kerridge

Scarlet Harlot: My Double Life - Memoirs of a Singaporean Escort

Ashley Chan

Hubert Harrison - The Struggle for Equality 1918–1927

Jeffrey B. Perry

The Nightcrawler King - Memoirs of an Art Museum Curator

William Fagaly

Healed and Whole

Margaret Stunt

Laura Nader - Letters to and from an Anthropologist

Laura Nader

Between Faith and Doubt: An Evolving Faith Journey

Samuel Cardillo

Naked in the Driveway

Laura White

Just Enough Light to Thrive

Miriam Butler Conrad

Race Against - Against Race - My Journey of Diversity and Inclusion Through Sports

Bo-Dean Sanders

Reflections of My Life

Paul Kuypers

Wollstonecraft - Philosophy Passion and Politics

Sylvana Tomaselli

Vespasian 7-9

Robert Fabbri

The Broken Road - George Wallace and a Daughter’s Journey to Reconciliation

Peggy Wallace Kennedy

The Truth Seminar - One man’s journey into transformational leadership

Doug Harland

One Hundred Sixty Acres of Dirt - A History of the Pioneers of Kansas Settlement Arizona Territory 1909 and Stories including the Schoolmarm’s Pearl-Handled Pistol

Marsha Arzberger

Let them all tell you what happened

Mercedes Pescador

All The Young Men

Ruth Coker Burks, Kevin Carr O'Leary

Finding Soul From Silicon Valley to Africa - A Travel Memoir and Personal Journey Through Twenty Countries in Africa

Kurt Davis

The Kingdom Began in Puerto Rico - Neil Connolly’s Priesthood in the South Bronx

Angela Garcia

Seeing Like a Child - Inheriting the Korean War

Clara Han

Wake Up You're Having Another Nightmare

Nathan Aguinaga

Silencing the Enemy Within - A Memoir of Addiction and Healing

Marsha Rene

Horse´s Hoof and Heaven - My journey back to life after a tragic accident

Carmen Paul

Poverty Poaching Police - The hardships of growing up in the Northern Territory

Catalina Selena Rose

Reconsidering Flannery O'Connor

Alison Arant, Jordan Cofer

Women in leadership - In the beginnings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in South America

Silvia Scholtus

Born Busy - Journals & Reflections

Rosemary Mitchell