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Alice - Memoirs of a Barbary Coast Prostitute

Ivy Anderson, Devon Angus

A Question of Honour - Politics and Policing - The Inside Story

John O'Brien

The Ghost Car - and why it's haunting our congested cities

Edmund Jephcott

Love Her Madly - Jim Morrison Mary and Me

Bill Cosgrave

Home - how I learnt not to run away

Diana Crampton

No Surrender - The Story of an Ordinary Soldier's Extraordinary Courage in the Face of Evil

Douglas Century, Christopher Edmonds

The Piano Student

Lea Singer

Life's Hourglass - A Memoir of Chasing Success at a Cost

Janice Mock

Pastor Jack - The Authorized Biography of Jack Hayford

S. David Moore

Stealing Green Mangoes - Two Brothers Two Fates One Indian Childhood

Sunil Dutta

Lost Child - The True Story of a Girl Who Couldn't Ask for Help

Torey Hayden

Sweat the Technique - Revelations on Creativity from the Lyrical Genius


September 1 1939 - A Biography of a Poem

Ian Sansom

Piety & Power - Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House

Tom LoBianco

Over the Top - A Raw Journey to Self-Love

Jonathan Van Ness

Inside Out - A Memoir

Demi Moore

For the Record

David Cameron

There and Back Again

Doc Jacobs

A Fierce Belief in Miracles - My Journey from Rape to Healing and Wholeness

Anne Reeder Heck

Adoption Stories - Excerpts from Adoption Books for Adults

Janine Myung Ja

People You Follow - A Memoir

Hayley Gene Penner

Kashmir's Untold Story - Declassified

Iqbal Chand Malhotra, Maroof Raza

Diamond Doris - The True Story of the World's Most Notorious Jewel Thief

Doris Payne

Think Black - A Memoir

Clyde W. Ford

Sontag - Her Life and Work

Benjamin Moser

Nature Matrix - New and Selected Essays

Robert Michael Pyle

Goya - A Portrait of the Artist

Janis Tomlinson

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now - Why We Traded the Commuting Life for a Little House on the Prairie

Christopher Ingraham

The Education of an Idealist - A Memoir

Samantha Power

And know they love you - memoirs of a teacher who really cares

Betsy Graham