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A French Slave in Nazi Germany - A Testimony

Elie Poulard

Guide's Life

Mikel Warren Dawson

The Telling

Zoe Zolbrod

Ibn Saud - The Desert Warrior Who Created the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Barbara Bray, Michael Darlow

Andy Kaufman - The Truth Finally

Bob Zmuda, Lynne Margulies

Midnight Wilderness - Journeys in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Debbie Miller

The Complete Works of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge

Fifty Years of Gathering Fishing and Unusual Animal Encounters

Joseph S. Lunkas

Five Easy Decades - How Jack Nicholson Became the Biggest Movie Star in Modern Times

Dennis McDougal

Howard Zinn - A Life on the Left

Martin Duberman

Mountains Valleys & Watermelon

Lillian M Crosby

The Velveteen Daughter - A Novel

Laurel Davis Huber

The Dog With Nine Lives

Della Galton

Crusoe - Daniel Defoe Robert Knox and the Creation of a Myth

Katherine Franke

Funny Polis and This and That - By John the Hat

John Robertson

My Father in Snow

E. Sheila Johnson

A Complicated Heart - How Working as a Judge Lawyer and Midwife Taught Me What Really Matters

Sheri A. Raphaelson

Orient Express - A Personal Journey

James B. Sherwood

Many Faces One Voice - Secrets from The Anonymous People

Bud Mikhitarian

Where Nothing Sleeps - The Complete Short Stories and Other Related Works Volume One

Denton Welch

Goddess - Inside Madonna

Barbara Victor

Doctor Goebbels - His Life and Death

Roger Manvell, Heinrich Fraenkel

Edward Daly - 16Lives

Helen Litton

Robert Frost: A Biography

Greame C.

Going Home

Doris Lessing

A Body Undone - Living On After Great Pain

Christina Crosby

A Random Act - An Inspiring True Story of Fighting to Survive and Choosing to Forgive

Cindi Broaddus, Kimberly Lohman Suiters

Sweet Slice of Fear - Three Sisters' Terrifying Flight From Fear and Revenge

Jim Seckler


JesseLee Jones

Fragments of Memory (Czech) - From Kolin to Jerusalem

Hana Greenfield