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Puzzled - Secrets and clues from a life in words

David Astle

This is a Soul - The Mission of Rick Hodes

Marilyn Berger


Andrew Smith

The Mommy Chronicles - Tales of a Slow-Track Mom in a Fast-Track Lane

Leslie Tonner

Family Life - Birth Death and the Whole Damn Thing

Elisabeth Luard

Publishing - A Writer’s Memoir

Gail Godwin

How I Got This Way

Regis Philbin

Fred & Rose - The Full Story of Fred and Rose West and the Gloucester House of Horrors

Howard Sounes

Downing Street Years

Margaret Thatcher

Alexandre Dumas - The King of Romance

F. W. J. Hemmings

Cuba Diaries - An American Housewife in Havana

Isadora Tattlin

Beauty Disrupted - The Carre Otis Story

Carre Otis, Hugo Schwyzer

Going Home

Doris Lessing

One Wild Song - A Voyage in a Lost Son's Wake

Paul Heiney

After the Dance - My Life with Marvin Gaye

David Ritz, Jan Gaye

Death in Slow Motion - A Memoir of a Daughter Her Mother and the Beast Called Alzheimer's

Eleanor Cooney

Stardust Memories - Talking About My Generation

Ray Connolly

The Water Is Wide

Pat Conroy

China Ghosts - My Daughter's Journey to America My Pas

Jeff Gammage

Napkin Notes - Make Lunch Meaningful Life Will Follow

W. Garth Callaghan

Kiss & Tell - A Romantic Resume Ages 0 to 22


Bitch Is the New Black - A Memoir

Helena Andrews

Something Must Be Done About Prince Edward County - A Family a Virginia Town a Civil Rights Battle

Kristen Green

Grant Takes Command

Bruce Catton

Soldier Spy - A Survivor's Tale

Rick Stroud, Victor Gregg

It's a Don's Life

Mary Beard

Harold Robbins - The Man Who Invented Sex

Andrew Wilson

Al Jaffee's Mad Life - A Biography

Mary-Lou Weisman

Money for Nothing

Edward Ugel

Easter Everywhere - A Memoir

Darcey Steinke