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An Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt

Stephen Brennan

Death of an American Sniper - The Extraordinary Life and Tragic End of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle the Country's Most Lethal Soldier

Anthony Swofford

Our Sarah - Made in Alaska

Chuck Heath, Sarah Palin

A Small Circus - A Novel

Hans Fallada

Between Gods - A Memoir

Alison Pick

Little Tales of Aquae Sulis

Gerry McKeown

Elizabeth Regina

Alison Plowden

The Beatles: The BBC Archives - 1962-1970

Kevin Howlett

A Piece of Sky A Grain of Rice - A Memoir in Four Meditations

Christine Halse

Jeanne Guyon: An Autobiography

Jeanne Guyon


Lyndall Gordon

Beautiful Wreck - Sex Lies & Suicide

Stephanie Schroeder

King's Cross Kid - A London Childhood between the Wars

Rick Stroud, Victor Gregg

Open Heart

Jay Neugeboren

Greasy Rider - Two Dudes One Fry-Oil-Powered Car and a Cross-Country Search for a Greener Future

Greg Melville

The Year of Reading Dangerously - How Fifty Great Books (and Two Not-So-Great Ones) Saved My Life

Andy Miller

Mornings In Mexico - “I love trying things and discovering how I hate them”

D. H. Lawrence

The Attica Turkey Shoot - Carnage Cover-Up and the Pursuit of Justice

Malcolm Bell

The Cost of Liberty - The Life of John Dickinson

William Murchison

Che Guevara - A Revolutionary Life

Jon Lee Anderson

Donald Trump - The Biography of the Successful Businessman Turned Presidential Candidate

My Ebook Publishing House

Lincoln's Autocrat - The Life of Edwin Stanton

William Marvel

Losing Weight One Foot in Front of The Other - From 23 Stone to Me

Teena Gates

Will We Be Brilliant Or What? - Songs and Stories

John Spillane

A A Leg to Stand On - An Amputee's Walk into Motherhood

Colleen Haggerty

Stryker: The Siege of Sadr City

Konrad R.K. Ludwig

Who Killed My Daughter?

Lois Duncan

The Way of a Gardener - A Life's Journey

Des Kennedy

The Story of Majorca and Minorca

Sir Clements R. Markham

The Little Book of the 1960s

Dee Gordon