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Seeds of Hope - The Life and Work of Patricia Brenninkmeyer

Leslie Read, Raymond Menino

Porcelain Moon and Pomegranates - A Woman's Trek Through Turkey

Üstün Bilgen-Reinart

John M Schofield and the Politics of Generalship

Donald B. Connelly

Searching for Annabel Chong - Demystifying the Legend of Singapore's Most Famous Pornstar!

Gerrie Lim

Unravelling The Threads

Leila Merriman

Last Things - A Graphic Memoir of Loss and Love

Marissa Moss

Captain Scott's Last Expedition (Journals)

Captain Robert F. Scott

What's That Pig Outdoors? - A Memoir of Deafness

Henry Kisor

Tales From the South Pier

John Jessop

Conversations with William Gibson

Patrick A. Smith

The Stationary Ark

Gerald Durrell

A Divided Life

Mohammed Khan

A Family Apart - Sleuthing the Mysteries of Abandonment Adoption and DNA

Craig A Steffen

The Hands of Peace - A Holocaust Survivor’s Fight for Civil Rights in the American South

Marione Ingram

Biography of Rosie O'Donnell

Kent Mcgroarty

How to Be Black

Baratunde Thurston

The Partnership

Philip Taubman

Intimacy With Strangers - A Life of Brief Encounters

Ciaran Carty

An American Tune - A Novel

Barbara Shoup

The Fortunate Son - Top Through the Eyes of Others

Timothy Trainer

The Patrician Tribune - Publius Clodius Pulcher

W. Jeffrey Tatum

Nobody Said Not to Go - The Life Loves and Adventures of Emily Hahn

Ken Cuthbertson

Where the Hell Have You Been? - Monty Italy and One Man's Incredible Escape

Tom Carver

S Weir Mitchell 1829–1914 - Philadelphia's Literary Physician

Nancy Cervetti

Unholy Union: A Memoir of Clergy Sexual Abuse Within the Salvation Army

Bunny Stevens

The Sister of Mary Dyer - The High Price of Freedom

Ann Bell

Sicilian Carousel - Adventures on an Italian Island

Lawrence Durrell

Warren Buffett

Jay Steele

A Carpet of Jacaranda

Ann Major

My Jewish Year - 18 Holidays One Wondering Jew

Abigail Pogrebin