What's better than reading? Reading withour limits :D
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How to Be Perfectly Unhappy

The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman

Tyrannosaurus Ralph

Nate Evans

Phoebe and Her Unicorn in the Magic Storm (Phoebe and Her Unicorn Series Book 6)

Dana Simpson

Snoopy: What's Wrong with Dog Lips? (PEANUTS AMP! Series Book 9) - A Peanuts Collection

Charles M. Schulz

Heart and Brain: Body Language - An Awkward Yeti Collection

Yeti The Awkward, Nick Seluk

If My Dogs Were a Pair of Middle-Aged Men

The Oatmeal, Matthew Inman

BINGE PARENTING - A Baby Blues Collection

Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott

Lady Stuff - Secrets to Being a Woman

Loryn Brantz

Eyes Too Dry - A graphic memoir abour heavy feelings

Alice Chipkin, Jessica Tavassoli

Posthumanism and the Graphic Novel in Latin America

Edward King, Joanna Page

Japanese Notebooks - A Journey to the Empire of Signs


Tucker Grizzwell's Worst Week Ever

Bill Schorr, Ralph Smith

Unicorn Crossing - Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure

Dana Simpson

Snoopy to the Rescue (PEANUTS AMP! Series Book 8) - A Peanuts Collection

Charles M. Schulz

Kid Beowulf: The Song of Roland

Alexis E. Fajardo

It's All Absolutely Fine - Life Is Complicated So I've Drawn It Instead

Ruby Elliot

President Trump - God forgive America

Pablo Ríos


Igor Eliseev

Year of Yesh - A Mutts Treasury

Patrick McDonnell

Rinse Spin Repeat

Edie Fassnidge

Introducing Sociology - A Graphic Guide

John Nagle

I'm No Scientist But I Think Feng Shui Is Part of the Answer - A Dilbert Book

Scott Adams

Man I Hate Cursive - Cartoons for People and Advanced Bears

Jim Benton

The Mutts Autumn Diaries

Patrick McDonnell

Charlie Brown: Here We Go Again (PEANUTS AMP! Series Book 7) - A PEANUTS Collection

Charles M. Schulz

Razzle Dazzle Unicorn - Another Phoebe and Her Unicorn Adventure

Dana Simpson

The Scribble Squad in the Weird Wild West

Donald "Scribe" Ross

Kid Beowulf: The Blood-Bound Oath

Alexis E. Fajardo

Yuge! - 30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump

G. B. Trudeau

Lowriders to the Center of the Earth

Cathy Camper