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Japanese Cooking with Manga - The Gourmand Gohan Cookbook - 59 Easy Recipes Your Friends will Love!

Alexis Aldeguer, Maiko- San, Ilaria Mauro

Spanish ( Easy Spanish ) Learn Words With Images (Vol 7) - Learn 100 new words with comic characters images and bilingual text

Mobile Library

Graphic Reproduction - A Comics Anthology

Jenell Johnson

Meet the Deplorables - Infiltrating Trump America

Ted Rall, Harmon Leon

Taking Turns - Stories from HIV AIDS Care Unit 371

MK Czerwiec

Len A Lawyer in History - A Graphic Biography of Radical Attorney Leonard Weinglass

Michael Steven Smith

Portraits of Violence - An Illustrated History of Radical Thinking

Brad Evans, Sean Michael Wilson

Mary Astor's Purple Diary: The Great American Sex Scandal of 1936

Edward Sorel

The Rise of Comic Book Movies - From the Pages to the Big Screen

Benny Potter, Dan Rumbles, Jason Keen

Threadbare - Clothes Sex and Trafficking

Anne Elizabeth Moore