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Fantasy, esoteric

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Dennie Fallon/Jason Palmatier

101 Uses for a Used Catheter

Michael Varma, Craig Strickland

The Book Of Nasty

Ian Purdie

A Perspective of Death - The Missing Shield #3

L L Thomsen

Miranda Butterfly

Marta Del Gaudio

Tharos - The Origin

Joshua Okoromodeke

Star Guardians: Legend of the White Nova - Volume One

Chloe Spencer

Superior Phalanx - one #1

Wilhelm Peters

Snapper Trapperâ„¢: FREE PREVIEW

Elidio de Vasconcelos

Pixie Dust

Russell Nohelty

Gherkin Boy and the Dollar of Destiny

Russell Nohelty

Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter

Russell Nohelty

Katrina Hates the Dead

Russell Nohelty

The Revolt of the Skeletons in the Closet

J. R. Forbus

Seven Stories for a Night

Giordana Maugeri

Codex Dracula - Books 1 and 2 - Codex Dracula

Viorel Moraru

Apollo Unbound

Chris Kelso

Knights of York

Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray

The Adventures of Junior & Rubble: The Oil Monster- Part 1

Ramon "Absoloot" Robinson



EMPTY QUARTER the heredity of the sand (with theatrical booklet)



Wayne Sanders, Fernando Kiro Campos

Hairy Furry


The scary things of beauty


The Adventures of Bosco and His Pals Not-so-Pals Enemies and Neutral Official Bodies

Mike & EZ


Wayne Sanders

Signed C - the missing

Mark C Frankel, Joshua L.A. Jones

Force Six The Annihilators 08 Ghost Story - Force Six The Annihilators #8

Drew Spence

The Great Dragon Warrior

Ng Swee San

Force Six The Annihilators 05 Hammer of God - Force Six The Annihilators

Drew Spence