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The Celtic Twilight - Faerie and Folklore

W. B. Yeats

Berkeley Noir

Jim Nisbet, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Barry Gifford, Susan Dunlap, Shanthi Sekaran

A Different Phase in Life

Sara N. Abuljadayel

The Four Million - Stories

O. Henry

The Man Upstairs - And Other Stories

P. G. Wodehouse

Roads of Destiny - Stories

O. Henry

The Arabian Nights Volume One

Richard Burton

A House of Pomegranates

Oscar Wilde

Olaf the Glorious - A Story of the Viking Age

Robert Leighton

Heart of the West - Stories

O. Henry

The Most Dangerous Game

Richard Connell

The Terrible Old Man

H.P. Lovecraft

South Sea Tales

Jack London

In Our Time

Ernest Hemingway

The Survivors of the Chancellor

Jules Verne

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Kwaidan - Stories and Studies of Strange Things

Lafcadio Hearn

The Canterbury Tales

Geoffrey Chaucer

Billy Budd

Herman Melville

Columbus Noir

Kristen Lepionka, Julia Keller, Robin Yocum, Yolonda Tonette Sanders, Lee Martin

The Bet - And Other Stories

Anton Chekhov

The Duel - And Other Stories

Anton Chekhov

Santa Fe Noir

Kimmy Santiago Baca, Ana Castillo, James Reich, Miriam Sagan, Israel Francisco Haros Lopez

Aerialists - Stories

Mark Mayer

Nairobi Noir

Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Makena Onjerika, Rasna Warah, Stanley Gazemba, Kinyanjui Kombani

The Stories of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

Destiny - A Heartwarming Story about Family Love and Friendship

Patricia Dixon

Banjo Grease

Dennis Must

Cutting Edge - New Stories of Mystery and Crime by Women Writers

Margaret Atwood, Aimee Bender, Edwidge Danticat, Valerie Martin, Bernice L. McFadden

Living Things - A Novel

Landon Houle