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Young Skins - Stories

Colin Barrett

Figures of Fear

Graham Masterton


Quim Monzó

Lust - & Other Stories

Susan Minot

The Mystery of the Spanish Shawl - A Short Story

Agatha Christie

The Case of the Perfect Maid

Agatha Christie

Werewolves in Their Youth - Stories

Michael Chabon

The Selected Stories of Mercè Rodoreda

Mercè Rodoreda

Femme Fatale

Laura Lippman


Sara Schoen, Rena Marin, Mary Duke, Lorah Jaiyn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, M.W. Brown, Olivia Marie

Dead Flowers

Alex Laidlaw

A Flame Out at Sea

Dmitry Novikov

Bunny Man's Bridge - A Short Story Collection

Ted Neill

Not From Above!

Alexander Mayor

Lust in the Dust - An Anthology of Post-Apocalyptic Erotica

Sommer Marsden, S. Nano, Elizabeth Coldwell, Cara Thereon, Raven Sky, Jones, Gregory L. Norris, Nicole Wolfe, Quiet Ranger, Janine Ashbless

Royal Scoundrels - Malice and Madness #2

Erin Lee, Caitlin McCulloch, LJC Fynn, L. Salt, Hope Sherrill

Royal Scoundrels - Malice and Madness #1

Mila Waters, Tracy Ball, E.H. Demeter, Rena Marin, Cloud S. Riser, Amy Cecil

Flowers of Mold & Other Stories

Seong-nan Ha

Earth Matters

Tara Dawn, Caitlin McCulloch, Mary Duke, Lorah Jaiyn, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, M.W. Brown, E.S. McMillan, Cloud S. Riser, Sherell Cummings, Merethe Walther


Mila Waters

The Movement: - Tales of Valor and Villainy

Robert N. Cheek

Believe Them - Stories

Mary Robison

Reunion of Blood

Robert McTyre Jr

Flowers for the Protestants

Janis Spehr

The Hell Rides Of Sindbad the Beatified

Gabor Szappanos

Rose's Descent - An Urban Fairytale

Tigris Eden

A Cabinet of Curiosity

Bradford Morrow

Nine Minutes Xtra - MC Biker Dark Romance

N.J. Adel

Lump - A Collection of Short Stories

Claire L. Fishback

An Amateur's Guide to the Night - Stories

Mary Robison