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Runaway Vampire - An Argeneau Novel

Lynsay Sands

Protector (Children of Ossiria #2)

Vivian Lane

A Dragon's Sight

Erynn Lehtonen

Curse and Cantrip

Christopher Ford

The Dancer at the Feast

G. Ian Smith

Glitch 2: Viral Nation - A Cyberpunk Techno Horror Thriller

Andrew Mackay

Glitch 3: Cyber God - A Cyberpunk Techno Horror Thriller

Andrew Mackay

The Brighter the Stars

Bryan Prosek

Hex Breaker

Stella Drexler

Dungeon Busters: Volume 1

Toma Shinozaki

Wild Fell - A Ghost Story

Michael Rowe


Peter f.B.

Welcome to Japan Ms Elf! Volume 5

Makishima Suzuki

The Sign of the Four

Arthur Conan Doyle

Escaping Exodus - A Novel

Nicky Drayden

The valley of fear

Arthur Conan Doyle

Experimental Film

Gemma Files

Blue Fire

E.C. Blake

World Classics Library: H G Wells - The War of the Worlds The Invisible Man The First Men in the Moon The Time Machine

Herbert George Wells

The Ascendants

D. D. Shay

The Paradise Conflict

Abhishek Ghosh

The Arabian Nights Volume II of IV

Anonymous Anonymous

My Secret Boyfriend

Sonam Siwach

Into the Dungeon - A Choose-Your-Own-Path Book

Hari Conner

Temple of Conquest

Mark Broe


Guillermo Saccomanno

Oshibana Complex

Craig Hallam

Immortal Born - An Argeneau Novel

Lynsay Sands

The Search For Magiq

C.J. Bernstein

The Sadness of Spirits - Stories

Aimee Pogson