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I Was Raised By Demons

Ruth Altmann

Bloody Night

Gabriel King

The True Secret

Gabriel King

The Invasion

Harriet Digbori

Monster Paradise

Philippe Leclerc

Dreaming up the Stars

Billie Cheng

Another Day Another Plot - A Vampire LitRPG Short Story

Tao Wong

First Steps into the Night - A Vampire LitRPG short story

Tao Wong

The Devil Wears Timbs 7 - I Am my Sister's Keeper

Tranay Adams

He's A Substitute

Bruce Coleman

The Sisters Sputnik - A Novel

Terri Favro

Fighting Fate

Tina Tinalynge

Escaping Fate

Tina Tinalynge

Overthrowing Fate - Complete Series

Tina Tinalynge

Overthrowing Fate

Tina Tinalynge

Blood Knowledge - A Vampire LitRPG Short Story

Tao Wong

Confucianism And Martial Arts

Bonnie Cornell Hughes

The Emperor's Men 9: High Tides

Dirk van den Boom

A Brand New World - A Slice-of-Life Urban Fantasy


Daughter of Ancients

Carol Berg

Into the Undercastle

Alexander Dawnrider

Neodymium Betrayal

Jen Finelli

The Consequence of Choice

Natalie Sammons

Dragon Song

Kristie Clark


Bill DeSmedt

Dr Alien

Rajnar Vajra


Krissy Knoxx

I Travel by Night and Last Train from Perdition

Robert McCammon

The Hunter from the Woods

Robert McCammon

Two Steps From Hell - Attack on CERN

Nicholas McCalla