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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: aliens / UFOs

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The Junkmakers

Albert Teichner

Star Performer

Robert J. Shea

The Test Colony

Winston Marks

The Ambassador

Jr. Sam Merwin

The Frozen Planet

Keith Laumer

The Polite People of Pudibundia

R. A. Lafferty

The Planet with No Nightmare

Jim Harmon

The Anglers of Arz

Roger Dee

McGonigal’s Worm

R. A. Lafferty

Brain Teaser

Tom Godwin

A Mixture of Genius

Arnold Castle

Robots of the World! Arise!

Mari Wolf

Fantastic Stories Presents the Worlds of If Super Pack #2

Kurt Vonnegut Jr., R. A. Lafferty, Horace B. Fyfe, Lester del Rey, Frank M. Robinson, Jr. James Mckimmey, Milton Lesser, Keith Laumer, Mark Clifton, Mari Wolf, Charles L. Fontenay, Kenneth O'Hara, Charles V. De Vet, Don Thompson, Lynn Venable, Winston Marks, Arnold Castle, Tom Godwin, Jr. Sam Merwin, Kris Neville, Jr. Ed M. Clinton, M. C. Pease, Jim Harmon, Robert J. Shea, Frank W. Coggins, Albert Teichner, William Campbell Gault, Charles E. Fritch, E. E. Doc Smith, E. Everett Evans, Albert Hernhunter, Gene Hunter, Arthur G. Hill, Richard O. Lewis, John Sentry, Tom Leahy

Do Unto Others

Mark Clifton

The Envoy Her

H. B. Fyfe

The Kenzie Report

Mark Clifton

Cultural Exchange

Keith Laumer

Brink of Madness

Walt Sheldon

Black Eyes and the Daily Grind

Milton Lesser

Masters of Space

Edward E. Smith

No Strings Attached

Lester del Rey

Confidence Game

Jr. James Mckimmey

Generals Help Themselves

M. C. Pease

She Knew He Was Coming

Kris Neville

Breeder Reaction

Winston Marks

And That’s How It Was Officer

Ralph Sholto


J. F. Bone

Fantastic Stories Presents the Worlds of If Super Pack #1

R. A. Lafferty

What Hath Me?

Henry Kuttner

Star Ship

Poul Anderson