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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: time travel

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State of Disorder

Douglas Smith

And Then They Ruined Everything - Book Two in the Death of Rock 'n' Roll Series

Duncan Milne

Continuum: Time Rep

Peter Ward

Futurespan - Wish you could see the future? Perhaps you can…

Georgia Duffy

The Iceberg Timefold

Miguel Gámez

The Mummy (Sci-Fi Novel)

Jane C. Loudon

A Crystal Age (Dystopian Classic)

William Henry Hudson

Time Hole (Sci-Fi Tales) - Time Travel Stories by Clifford D Simak: Project Mastodon Second Childhood

Clifford D. Simak

In the Hands of the Enemy

Brooke Shaffer

Urban Wind Turbine

Laura Fandl


Marc Levinthal

Running Backward

Jeremy Williams

ALLEGIANCE - The New World Series Book Three

Stephen Llewelyn

Essential Science Fiction Novels - Volume 3

Stanley G. Weinbaum, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, M.P. Shiel, Jack London

The Time Machine (Annotated Keynote Classics)

H. G. Wells, Michelle M. White, J. D. White

Severely Skewed

III Smith

Time nova

Derrick Bliss


John Varley

The Iron Labyrinth

Merrilee Beckman

Hawk Carse

Harry Bates, Planet 313

Zehru of Xollar

Hal K. Wells

A Crystal Age - A Dystopia

William Henry Hudson

New Amazonia - A Foretaste of the Future (A Feminist Utopia)

Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett

The Radiant Shell

Paul Ernst

The Seed of the Toc-Toc Birds

Francis Flagg

Morale: A Story of the War of 1941-43

Murray Leinster

The Infra-Medians

Sewell Peaslee Wright

Jupiter Space Tyrants

Thorben D. Townhouse

Out Around Rigel

Robert Henry Wilson

The White Invaders

Ray Cummings