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Harmonic Magic Series Boxed Set

P.E. Padilla

Starry Wisdom

Peter Levenda

Dragon Child

Elana A. Mugdan

The Everafter Wish

Rachel Morgan


P.E. Padilla

The Book of M - A Novel

Peng Shepherd

The Vampire Trap

Rachel Morgan

The Memory Thief

Rachel Morgan

New Beginnings - Series Starter Set

T S Paul

The Queen of Witches

Brandi Elledge

The Bird King - A Novel

G. Willow Wilson

Spirit of the Dragon - A Wyvern Wars Novella

Erynn Lehtonen

The Devil's Pact

V. S. McGrath

Craved by Bears

Skye MacKinnon

The Abridged History of the 21st Century - A view of what could be; not what will be

Martin D Birch

Welcome to Night Vale - A Novel

Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor

Through a Dark Glass

Barb Hendee

Black Jade - Celestial Battle: Book Three

Kylie Chan

The Thirteenth Man

J.L. Doty

Evian Rising - Chapter 1 - The Traveling Chaos

Latravious Calloway

The Devil's Advocate - The Epic Novel of One Man's Fight to Save America from Tyranny

Taylor Caldwell

The Emperor's Men 1: Arrival

Dirk van den Boom

Altered Seasons - Monsoonrise

Paul Briggs

Dawn of Fire Special Collector’s Edition

C.B. Vaughn

The Curse of the King

Winnie Lyon

Hunting the Ghost Dancer

A. A. Attanasio

Brave Tails - The Moon's Prophecy

A. A. Attanasio

Westside - A Novel

W.M. Akers

Hardening the Steel

Mark B. Gilgam

Heavy Metals

Mark B. Gilgam