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Science Fiction & Fantasy

Science fiction: apocalyptic & post-apocalyptic

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The Making of Heroes

Jim Wolfe

The Gate

D.L. Cross

City on a Hill

Ted Neill

Horizon's Exile

Stefan van Staden

The Beast of Killeglen - An Invasion Universe Novel

Aria Noble

Diamond - Beyond the Red Door

Tigris Eden

The Watchtower

Sawyer Black

The Mountain King

Sawyer Black

The Legion Under the Hill

Sawyer Black

Zeta - Resin Pines

Steven Rowell

The Soul King

Ray Patino

Dark Spaces Dark Corners - The Red Apocalypse

Ray Patino


David Wright, Sean Platt


David Wright, Sean Platt


David Wright, Sean Platt

The Rending and the Nest

Kaethe Schwehn

The Death Effect

David Falkirk

Detonation Event

John Andrew Karr

Kallang Basin Adagio

Khor Kuan Liang


Eric L. Harry


Sebastian Ives

Providence Online - A LitRPG Saga

L.E. Aquilo

Venia Online - A LitRPG Saga

A.E. Eagle

The Last Big Thing

David Moody

The Scream

Laurent Graff


Thomas H Locke


John Feffer


RJ Saxon

Emain Ablach

Martin D Birch

Flight of the Black Stork

Bill Broocke