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Science fiction: Space opera

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Marina J. Lostetter

The Ostinato Trilogy - A Texan Space Opera

Greg Alldredge

Seven Day War

Greg Alldredge

The Traveler's Cup

AC Baldwin

All Around the Moon

Jules Verne

The First Men in the Moon

H. G. Wells

In the Days of the Comet

H. G. Wells

Off on a Comet!

Jules Verne

Blaster Squad #6: Galaxy of Evil

Russ Crossley

Invaders from the Infinite

John Campbell

Four-Day Planet

H. Beam Piper

Captives of the Flame

Samuel R. Delany

Address: Centauri

F.L. Wallace

Chronicles of Athena Lee Book 3

TS Paul

Special Edition: A Commonwealth Counter Terrorism Task Force Novel - Books 1-3

P.E. Sibley

Rogue Stars - Skirmish Wargaming in a Science Fiction Underworld

Andrea Sfiligoi

Rebels of the Red Planet (Serapis Classics)

Charles Fontenay

Space Viking (Serapis Classics)

H. Beam Piper

Tales of Space and Time (Serapis Classics)

H. G. Wells

Space Tug (Serapis Classics)

Murray Leinster

Space Prison (Serapis Classics)

Tom Godwin

Slave Planet (Serapis Classics)

Laurence Janifer

Space Platform (Serapis Classics)

Murray Leinster

Dax Harrison

Tony Valdez

The Circuit - The Complete Saga

Rhett C. Bruno

The Galaxy Primes (Serapis Classics)

E.E. Smith

The Alien (Serapis Classics)

Raymond Jones

Star Hunter (Serapis Classics)

Andre Norton

Police Your Planet (Serapis Classics)

Lester del Rey

Islands of Space (Serapis Classics)

John Campbell