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A Climate for Death

R.T. Lund

The Fire Baby - Secrets and murder flourish in Cambridgeshire

Jim Kelly

The Moon Tunnel - The past is not buried deep in Cambridgeshire

Jim Kelly

Death in Saint-Chartier - Murder and intrigue in the heart of France

Ivo Fornesa

The Water Clock - A disturbing mystery is revealed in Cambridgeshire

Jim Kelly

Why the Rock Falls - The Falls Mysteries

J.E. Barnard

The Package - nothing will deliver more thrills

Sebastian Fitzek

The Stitcher and the Mute

D.K. Fields

Necropolis - and other stories

PAR Dorsch

Calamity at Kryme Cottage - A Belinda Lawrence Mystery

Brian Kavanagh

Messianic Reveal - A Clayton Haley Novel

Ethan T. Burroughs

Double Agent

Tom Bradby

Breaking and Entering

H. R. F. Keating

Bribery Corruption Also

H. R. F. Keating

St Oda's Bones

Marcus Attwater

Fear on the Phantom Special - Dark deeds for the Railway Detective to investigate

Edward Marston

Dead on Dartmoor - Darkness lurks on the beautiful moors

Stephanie Austin

Faithful Unto Death - The page-turning mediaeval mystery series

Sarah Hawkswood

Night Call

Brenden Carlson

Sons of Rome

Simon Turney, Gordon Doherty

The Man That Got Away - A Constable Twitten Mystery 2

Lynne Truss


Daniel Saldaña París

Scavenger - A Mystery

Christopher Chambers

The Pact - An addictive page-turning thriller

Dawn Goodwin

Still Life

Val McDermid

Young Donald

Michael Bennett

Tell Me My Name

Erin Ruddy

People of Abandoned Character

Clare Whitfield

Ananke - Bodies for sale

Gilda Salinas

The Clerk

Guillermo Saccomanno