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Crime & Thriller

Police procedural

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The Deceiver - A forensic mystery

Priscilla Masters

Shadow Play - A British police procedural

Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Murder on the Beach - The Mystery of Ten Murders in 48 Hours

Mohammed Ayya

Murder on the 21st Street

Mohammed Ayya

Louisiana Blood

Mike Donald

The Perpetual Summer - A Chuck Restic Mystery

Adam Walker Phillips

Something Evil Comes - A forensic mystery

A.J. Cross

Deadly Dance

Hilary Bonner

Subverting Justice - A Jack Taggart Mystery

Don Easton

Ragged Lake - A Frank Yakabuski Mystery

Ron Corbett

The Vanished

Lotte Hammer, Søren Hammer

Loose Ends

Russ Crosseley

When the Music's Over - An Inspector Banks Novel

Peter Robinson

Death Scene - A 1920s mystery

Jane A. Adams

The Hidden - A British Police Procedural set in 1970's England

Sally Spencer

Stay of Execution - A Detective Cancini Mystery

K.L. Murphy

The Start of Everything - A Keene and Frohmann Mystery

Emily Winslow

A Guilty Mind - A Detective Cancini Mystery

K.L. Murphy

The Whole World - A Keene and Frohmann Mystery

Emily Winslow

The Red House - A Keene and Frohmann Mystery

Emily Winslow

On Copper Street - A Victorian police procedural

Chris Nickson

Thrill Kill - A voodoo mystery set in New Orleans

Don Bruns

Standing Still - A Scottish police procedural

Caro Ramsay

Other Countries - A British police procedural

Jo Bannister

The Cursing Stones Murder

George Bellairs

Monroe Murders - The DCI Banham Series

Linda Regan

Little Death A - A forensic cold case mystery

A.J. Cross

Shadows of the Dead - A 1920s London Mystery

Jim Eldridge


Bill James

Blood and Belonging - A Ray Robertson Mystery

Delany Vicki