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Crime & Thriller

Police procedural

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Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

Kith and Kin - A 1920s mystery

Jane A. Adams

Wheel of Fire - A British police procedural

Hilary Bonner

Fractured Truth

Susan Furlong

Broken Ground

Val McDermid

Cold Cold Heart - A forensic mystery

A.J. Cross

A Bad Bad Thing

Elena Forbes

Anonymity - A Chilling Psychological Thriller

John Nicholl

Cape Diamond - A Frank Yakabuski Mystery

Ron Corbett

An Element of Risk - A Jack Taggart Mystery

Don Easton

Loose Tongues

Chris Simms

Race to the Kill

Helen Cadbury

The Sons of Mount Carmel - A Murder Mystery of Retribution and Redemption

R. Jay Alvarez

Kindred Spirits - A British police procedural

Jo Bannister

Beneath the Depths - A Detective Byron Mystery

Bruce Robert Coffin

BUSH BLUES - The Adventures of Alaska's Police Chief Snow

Sheldon Schmitt

The Stranger Within

Tara Lyons

Murder by the Broads

Anthony Tamiozzo

The Lake

Lotte Hammer, Søren Hammer

The Tin God - A Victorian police procedural

Chris Nickson

Red Hand of Fury The - A pre-World War One historical mystery

R.N. Morris

The Killing Habit

Mark Billingham

Clear Skies

M. A. Murray

The Killing Habit - A Tom Thorne Novel

Mark Billingham

Stonechild and Rouleau Mysteries 5-Book Bundle - Bleeding Darkness Shallow End Tumbled Graves and 2 more

Brenda Chapman

Body on the Backlot

Eva Montealegre

The Killing Room - A Balzano & Byrne Novel

Richard Montanari

Creep - A BC Blues Crime Novel

R.M. Greenaway

BC Blues Crime 3-Book Bundle - Creep Undertow Cold Girl

R.M. Greenaway

Bad Karma in the Big Easy

D.J. Donaldson