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The Lily Sprayberry Cozy Mystery Series Books 1–3 - Deal Gone Dead; Decluttered and Dead; and Signed Sealed and Dead

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Hounds Harvest and Homicide - A Pooch Party Cozy Mystery

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Recall Zero (An Agent Zero Spy Thriller—Book #6)

Jack Mars

Murder in a Minute

Shouvik Bhattacharya

Lies of Silence - A Novel

Brian Moore

The Mystery of Mrs Christie - A Novel

Marie Benedict

The Couple in the Photograph

Valerie Keogh

Tears of Dr Wang

Todko Samson

The 7th Fire

Spencer McKinley


Sarah Bourne


Ted Denton

Girl: Broken

S. Williams

Pull Focus - A Novel

Helen Walsh

Triple Cross

Tom Bradby

Gods of Rome

Simon Turney, Gordon Doherty

The Dentist

Tim Sullivan

The Meaning of Friday

Vanessa Gordon

Fall Out

M.N. Grenside

The Trouble Legacy

E.R. Fallon, KJ Fallon

The Trouble Boys

E.R. Fallon

The Trouble Girls

E.R. Fallon, KJ Fallon

Blood Red - A Completely Gripping Crime Thriller

Anita Waller

Sincerely Yours - A Breath-Taking Psychological Suspense Thriller

Charlotte Barnes

Blues Twos and Baby Shoes

Gina Kirkham

The Constable Mavis Upton Adventures Books One to Three - Handcuffs Truncheon and a Polyester Thong; Whiskey Tango Foxtrot; and Blues Twos and Baby Shoes

Gina Kirkham

Darkness Falls

David Mark

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Gina Kirkham

Handcuffs Truncheon and a Polyester Thong

Gina Kirkham

The Morning Of - A Moving and Poignant Drama about Race Injustice and the Search for Peace

S.B. Cody

The Other Woman - A Gripping Romantic Psychological Suspense

Patricia Dixon