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Crime & Thriller

Historical mysteries

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Smile of the Wolf

Tim Leach

The Moment Before Drowning - A Novel

James Brydon

A Necessary Murder

M. J. Tjia

The Bohemian Girl

Kenneth Cameron

The Frightened Man

Kenneth Cameron

Sidney Chambers and The Persistence of Love - Grantchester Mysteries 6

James Runcie

Runner in Red

Tom Murphy

Found Drowned

BK Duncan

Pagan - A Novel

W. F. Morris

The Secret of the Ninth Stone

Kylie Fitzpatrick

The Rose Quilt - A Steve Walsh Mystery

Mark Pasquini

Foul Trade - A Haunting Mystery that Will Keep You Hooked

BK Duncan

The Last Post

BK Duncan

The Bleak and Empty Sea

Jay Ruud

Murder at St Philomena's

Anita Davison

The Murderess - A heart-stopping story of family love passion and betrayal

Jennifer Wells

Smoke and Mirrors

Casey Daniels

The Apothecary's Shop - A Novel of Venice 1118 AD

Roberto Tiraboschi

The Coven

Graham Masterton

Murder at The Grenadier

Anita Davison

Murder at Cleeve Abbey - A murder mystery that will keep you guessing

Anita Davison

She Be Damned

M. J. Tjia

Cato's return

Matilde Asensi

Glass Souls

Maurizio de Giovanni

The State Counsellor

Boris Akunin

Eleventh Hour - A Tudor mystery featuring Christopher Marlowe

M. J. Trow

Murder in a Cornish Alehouse

Kathy Lynn Emerson

A Cruel Necessity

L.C. Tyler

The Whole Art of Detection - Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

Lyndsay Faye

The Riot

Laura Wilson