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Crime & Thriller

Classic crime fiction

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The Keeper - A gripping psychological crime series for 2020

Diane Saxon

Stalker - A gritty thriller that will have you hooked

Gemma Rogers

Anything But Saintly

Richard Deming

Smelling Like a Rose

Gil Brewer

Bad Word

David Alexander

The Jury Caper

Talmage Powell

3 Sherlockian Parodies

John Kendrick Bangs

Mama's Boy

David Alexander

Doctor Quartz the Second (Nick Carter #787)

Nicholas Carter


Gil Brewer

Dead Weight

Frank Kane

Malcolm Sage Detective

Herbert Jenkins


Gil Brewer

Fishermen of Kérity

Peter James Quirk

A Beautiful Babe and Money

Talmage Powell

The Sea Wolf

Jack London

The Tontine Trap - Second in the James Ballantyne Series

Paul Purnell

Die Like a Dog

David Alexander

Murder in Black Letter

Poul Anderson


Gil Brewer

A Resourceful Foe - Nick Carter #785

Nicholas Carter

A Break in the Weather

Talmage Powell

Red Hot Ice - A Johnny Liddell Mystery

Frank Kane

Death Sentence

Chester S. Geier


Stephen Wasylyk

A Royal Flush or Nick Carter’s Pursuit of a Living Mystery

Nicholas Carter

Deadly Southern Charm - A Lethal Ladies Mystery Anthology

Mary Burton, Mary Miley

Grave Danger

Frank Kane

The Beautiful Miss Borgia

Talmage Powell

The Man Who Went to Taltavul’s

David Alexander