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Crime & Thriller

Hard-boiled crime, noir fiction

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Debbi Mack

Border City Blues 3-Book Bundle - Riverside Drive Maiden Lane Prospect Avenue

Michael Januska

Prospect Avenue - Border City Blues

Michael Januska

Cape Diamond - A Frank Yakabuski Mystery

Ron Corbett

An Element of Risk - A Jack Taggart Mystery

Don Easton

The Innocent - A Ryan Lock Crime Thriller

Sean Black

The Conversation

Oliver Dean Spencer

The Death of David Pickett

G. A. Matiasz

Tell Me That You Love Me

Oliver Dean Spencer

Identity Crisis

Debbi Mack

Poughkeepsie Shuffle - A Crime Novel

Dietrich Kalteis

No Questions Asked - A Manchester crime thriller featuring DSI Jeff Barton

David Menon

Body Of Opinion and other stories

Scott Overton

Florida Happens - Tales of Mystery Mayhem and Suspense from the Sunshine State

Greg Herren

Over and Over

Russell C. Brennan

Bait and Switch

Sharon Healy-Yang

Letter From a Dead Man

Sharon Healy-Yang

The Big Con

Adam Walker Phillips

False Gods - A Rafferty PI Mystery

W. Glenn Duncan Jr.

The (Original) Adventures of Ford Fairlane - The Long Lost Rock n’ Roll Detective Stories

Rex Weiner

White River Burning - A Dave Gurney Novel: Book 6

John Verdon

Tiny Crimes - Very Short Tales of Mystery and Murder

Lincoln Michel, Nadxieli Nieto

Body on the Backlot

Eva Montealegre

Orient Express

Graham Greene

Orient Express

Graham Greene

Last Song Sung - A Cullen and Cobb Mystery

David A. Poulsen

Beautiful Illusion - A Novel

Christie Nelson

Tin Men - A Crime Novel

Mike Knowles

Country Dark

Chris Offutt

The Undiscovered Country - A Novel

Mike Nemeth