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Mother of All Pigs

Malu Halasa


Samuel Parker


Oldham Nick

The Fear in Yesterday's Rings

George C. Chesbro

Worst Fear - A thriller set in Portland Maine

Matt Hilton

Before He Sins (A Mackenzie White Mystery—Book 7)

Blake Pierce

The Fantastic Book of Everybody's Secrets

Sophie Hannah

Our Sacred Honor (A Luke Stone Thriller—Book 6)

Jack Mars

Murder over a Pheasant Feather

Robert Linori

Murder in July - Historical mystery set in New Orleans

Barbara Hambly

Downfall - A Brady Novel of Suspense

J. A. Jance

The Perfect Girl - A Novel

Gilly Macmillan

Old Bones - A Neighbor's Mystery

Rita Schulz

Naughty or Nice - A Neighbor’s Mystery short story

Rita Schulz

Woo Woo - A Cape Charles Novel

Joe Coccaro

A Treacherous Coast

David Donachie

Crash and Burn - A Sigma Force Short Story

James Rollins

Code of Blood

George C. Chesbro

My Kingdom for a Hearse

Craig Rice

The Keeper

George C. Chesbro

The Right Murder

Craig Rice

Turn Loose the Dragons

George C. Chesbro

Having Wonderful Crime

Craig Rice

The Fourth Postman

Craig Rice

The Sunday Pigeon Murders

Craig Rice


George C. Chesbro

Jungle of Steel and Stone

George C. Chesbro

King's Gambit

George C. Chesbro

Silent Killer

George C. Chesbro

The Name Is Malone

Craig Rice