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Crime & Thriller

Historical mysteries

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Memento Mori - A Crime Novel of the Roman Empire

Ruth Downie

Cyanide with Christie

Katherine Bolger Hyde

Forgotten Murder

Dolores Gordon-Smith

Death at the Wychbourne Follies

Amy Myers

The Great Darkness

Jim Kelly

The Vellum Scribe - An Argolicus Mystery

Zara Altair

Murder Lies Waiting

Alanna Knight


David Hingley

Throw-Away Faces

Josef Alton

Hy Brasil: Island of Eternity

Robert E. Kearns

The Hanging Psalm - A Regency mystery set in Leeds

Chris Nickson

The Ring - A Victorian mystery

M.J. Trow

Kith and Kin - A 1920s mystery

Jane A. Adams

Murder at the Queen's Old Castle - A mystery set in 1920s Ireland

Cora Harrison

Innocents to the Slaughter

Helen Maskew

A Missed Murder - A Tudor mystery

Michael Jecks

Mr Campion's War

Mike Ripley

The Chaplin Conspiracy - The Ballashiels Mysteries

Stewart Ferris

Border City Blues 3-Book Bundle - Riverside Drive Maiden Lane Prospect Avenue

Michael Januska

The Poisoned Chalice Murder - A 1920s English mystery

Diane Janes

Blood of the Oak - Duncan McCallum #4

Eliot Pattison

Bone Rattler - Duncan McCallum #1

Eliot Pattison

Eye of the Raven - Duncan McCallum #2

Eliot Pattison

Original Death - Duncan McCallum #3

Eliot Pattison

Prospect Avenue - Border City Blues

Michael Januska

A Christmas Railway Mystery

Edward Marston

A Death at Crystal Palace - A Euphemia Martins Mystery

Caroline Dunford

Under Attack

Edward Marston

Domini Mortum

Paul Holbrook

Though the Heavens Fall - A Collins-Burke Mystery

Anne Emery