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Wissahickon Souls - A Wissahickon Creek Story

PJ Devlin

The Day’s Heat

Robert George

Bowlaway - A Novel

Elizabeth McCracken

American Pop - A Novel

Snowden Wright

Consider the Lilies

Carol Fenlon

The Witches of St Petersburg - A Novel

Imogen Edwards-Jones

The Eulogist

Terry Gamble

The Russian Countess

Edith Sollohub

A Circle of Dead Girls

Eleanor Kuhns

Conquest II - The Drowned Court

Tracey Warr


Helen Steadman


Helen Steadman

The Assembly of the Dead

Saeida Rouass

Conquest: Daughter of the Last King

Tracey Warr

The Dakota Winters - A Novel

Tom Barbash

Dark Queen Waiting

Paul Doherty

Wages of Sin The

Judith Cutler

The Apollo Deception

Mitch Silver

Tony's Wife

Adriana Trigiani

100 Key Events in Ukrainian History

Yu Soroka

A Lawless Place - Swashbuckling adventure on the Kent coast

David Donachie

Freedom Lessons - A Novel

Eileen Harrison Sanchez

Once a Midwife - A Hope River Novel

Patricia Harman

A Dangerous Duet - A Novel

Karen Odden

The Revisioners - A Novel

Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

Black Hills The

M.J. Trow

Winter of Despair

Cora Harrison

Hocus Girl The

Chris Nickson

Lady of Perdition

Barbara Hambly

Marilla of Green Gables - A Novel

Sarah McCoy