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Vespasian 1-3 - Tribune of Rome Rome's Executioner False God of Rome

Robert Fabbri

Orphan Train - A Novel

Christina Baker Kline

Undiscovered Mazo de la Roche 9-Book Bundle - Explorers of the Dawn Possession Delight and 6 more

Mazo de la Roche

Summer Loving - The Polvellan Cornish Mysteries

Rachel Ennis

Anna and the King of Siam

Margaret Landon

Fire from Heaven

Mary Renault

A Girl Like You

Michelle Cox

Desert God - A Novel of Ancient Egypt

Wilbur Smith

The Miniaturist - A Novel

Jessie Burton

The Blood Countess - A Novel

Andrei Codrescu

The Final Solution - A Story of Detection

Michael Chabon

Godiva - A Novel

Nicole Galland

The Lost Trail

Paul Lederer

Jalna: Books 1-4 - The Building of Jalna Morning at Jalna Mary Wakefield Young Renny

Mazo de la Roche

Master Of War

David Gilman

Portrait of a Marriage - A Novel

Pearl S. Buck

Dragon Seed - A Novel of China at War

Pearl S. Buck

North and South

John Jakes

The Physician

Noah Gordon

Bridge of Scarlet Leaves

Kristina Mcmorris

The Fort - A Novel of the Revolutionary War

Bernard Cornwell

Dracula My Love - The Secret Journals of Mina Harker

Syrie James

The Burning Land - A Novel

Bernard Cornwell

The Pale Horseman - A Novel

Bernard Cornwell

Lord of the Silent - A Novel of Suspense

Elizabeth Peters

The Wanderers - The West Country Trilogy

Tim Pears

Camille and the Rising of Eros

William Rose

Shared Gardens

Anne Biggs

Royal Scoundrels - Malice and Madness #2

Erin Lee, Caitlin McCulloch, LJC Fynn, L. Salt, Hope Sherrill

Royal Scoundrels - Malice and Madness #1

Mila Waters, Tracy Ball, E.H. Demeter, Rena Marin, Cloud S. Riser, Amy Cecil