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The Stone Arrow

Richard Herley

Father Sweet

J.J. Martin

The Dying of the Light - A Novel

Robert Goolrick

Krishna Gopeshvara - The Truth of Vrishnis (Book 1 of the Lord Krishna Trilogy)

Sanjay Dixit

Death Treads the Boards - The Alexandrians Series

Lesley Cookman

The Emancipation of Evan Walls

Jeffrey Blount


Adrian Goldsworthy

Mahaviri - Hanuman Chalisa Demystified

Nityananda Misra

The Lost Family - A Novel

Jenna Blum

Invitation to a Bonfire

Adrienne Celt

Wherever You Go (Brookstone Brides Book #2)

Tracie Peterson

Eastbound from Flagstaff - A Novel

Annette Valentine

Eyes Turned Skywards - A work of fiction but at its heart is a real-world mystery

Ken Lussey

Another Side of Paradise - A Novel

Sally Koslow

All the Ever Afters - The Untold Story of Cinderella's Stepmother

Danielle Teller

The Eternal Banquet - The Time for Alexander Series

Jennifer Macaire

Floyd Harbor - Stories

Joel Mowdy

Beyond Babylon

Igiaba Scego

Night Watch

David C. Taylor

Watchers of the Dead

Simon Beaufort

The Leaden Heart

Chris Nickson

Season of Darkness

Cora Harrison

The Wanderers - The West Country Trilogy

Tim Pears

Prisoner of Midnight


A Veil Removed

Michelle Cox

Shared Gardens

Anne Biggs

The Black Earth - The Times Historical Book of the Month

Philip Kazan

Tapestry of War

Jane MacKenzie

Green Gold - The Epic True Story of Victorian Plant Hunter John Jeffrey

Gabriel Hemery

Blood On The Stone

Jake Lynch