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Fantasy romance, dark romance

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Soul Veil - Rising Sun Saga book 3

Kayette la Mane

Fresh Cut - Rising Sun Saga book 2

Kayette la Mane

One Wish - Rising Sun Saga book 1

Kayette la Mane

Lovers in the Woods

Robin Austin Reed

Summoning the Fox

E.H Plummer

Another Theory of the Universe

Cristiana Voinea

Lilith's Children

Rachel Sullivan

Her Dear & Loving Husband

Meredith Allard

Animal Secrets - A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance

Susan G. Charles

Blood Sucker - A Vampire Paranormal Romance

Susan G. Charles

Animal Desire - A Gray Wolf Pack Paranormal Romance

Susan G. Charles

Tory Roof

Jill C. Baker

Resurrection's Angel

B Hughes-Millman

Lucky's Bride

Matovu Mukisa Moses

The Pirate Queen Box Set

Jennifer Rose McMahon

Husk - A contemporary horror novel

Dave Zeltserman

Cycle of Rebirths

Vivian Lane

Wildfire - A Hidden Legacy Novel

Ilona Andrews

Freyja's Daughter

Rachel Sullivan

Quaranta - Love and Passion triumphs over Death

Marianna S. Rachid

Patty in the City

Carolyn Wells

A Court of Frost and Starlight

Sarah J. Maas

The Wizard’s Shield

Karen McCullough

The Willow Maiden From Western Creek: Falling Blades

Dea Divi

A Choice of Crowns

Barb Hendee

A Stitch in Time

Amanda James

The Girl in the Photograph

Kirsty Ferry

No Such Thing As Immortality

Sarah Tranter

Cross Stitch

Amanda James

Dance Until Dawn

Berni Stevens