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Brick Lane East-End Pub-Share - cover

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Brick Lane East-End Pub-Share

S C Hamill

Publisher: Stephanie C Harte

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Brick Lane. East-End Pub-share. 
WARNING: Could contain echoes of yourself...? 
"Listen carefully, I shall say this only once... 
Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight...? 
Oops, sorry... that was Batman!" 
Ever done communal-life or shared a house or flat then...?" 
•       Q: What do you get if you have eight people and a dog living over a derelict pub and a landlord that doesn't care...? 
•       A: Mayhem..! Everyday life at its worst and best. 
After college and university, they never imagined they'd be living with complete strangers again either... 
Take a 'behind-the-scenes' dip into a funtastic world of honest, working-class communal life in London's vibrant and colourful east-end. 
A story of friendships and real-life. 
Ritchie, Monica, Dan, Scarlett, Eve, 
Safeer, Matt and Diane. 
And Rufus (woof) 
Quirks and imperfections... moods and emotions...Realities and dramas... 
 Hopes and fears. 
A story tinged with all the characteristics 
that make us human. 
Things that bring them together as one. 
"If the Seven Stars was mine, 
I'd turn the place around. 
Upside down and inside out... 
Make it something to be proud of!" 
A melancholy mission of co-habitation and fun! 
Available since: 03/06/2016.

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