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Proof Positive: Help Yourself - Proof Positive #2 - cover

Proof Positive: Help Yourself - Proof Positive #2

John Marine

Publisher: John Marine

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If we can't be positive individually, how can we expect the world around us to be more positive?  This installment of Proof Positive called "Help Yourself" focuses on various issues regarding being positive among ourselves and includes many personal issues we face in life.  This self-help installment truly focuses on self-help.  More than just positive thinking motivation, Proof Positive is about offering positive and encouraging advice to various issues, including some of the most depressing issues and most stressful situations.  All thoughts are expressed on a personal, passionate, and calming level in plain English.  If you are seeking motivation to be positive from within, as well as seek advice to various personal issues... help yourself by helping yourself to "Help Yourself!"

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