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The Country Northward: A Hiker's Journal Along the Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire - cover

The Country Northward: A Hiker's Journal Along the Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Daniel Ford

Publisher: Backcountry Press

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Larger than the state of Rhode Island and laced by a thousand miles of trails, the White Mountains have long been a hiker's paradise. Here is a first-person account of the world that begins where the pavement ends. Fishermen, backpackers, trail-bikers ... goofers, peak baggers, and through hikers ... you'll find them all in the White Mountains, and you'll meet them all in the pages of this compelling book.The year is 1975, when it was still possible to find space in a lean-to shelter, and the Old Man of the Mountains still showed his splendid profile over Franconia Notch. "A thousand delights," wrote the reviewer for Appalachia magazine.

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    - Each exercise idea is organised by fitness  level and includes follow-up and extension ideas.  
     - Written in a  jargon-free and concise style, this book is light on the science and  background, heavy on practicality.
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  • The Monkey Mountain Story - A New Way to Learn and Do Tai Chi - cover

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    The Monkey Mountain story started in a Canadian community health centre. Over the past ten years, it has been successfully introduced to groups attending community health and recreational centres and in retirement and nursing homes, in diabetes and mental health programs. Presentations at community college activation programs and at the Toronto Island Sunshine Center have resulted in Monkey Mountain being taken to many settings.
    	Tai Chi has real benefits for all ages. But especially as we get older, we can lose the ability or confidence to walk and move about easily. That loss can be the result of physical changes or simply because of life factors such as our constant use of chairs. Consider falls alone. A serious fall in later years is often the event that may begin the loss of independence. 	
    	People who do Tai Chi and who do the Monkey Mountain story really do improve their balance and flexibility. They avoid or recover from near falls. They gain or regain their ability to walk or to enjoy exercise. Being able to move about with confidence encourages socialization and adds to the enjoyment of living. There is also a calming logic to the moves of Tai Chi and the Monkey Mountain story. The concentration required to learn and play the moves clears the mind and relieves stress. Tai Chi is  sometimes called a moving meditation.
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  • Esoteric Martial Arts2: Evolution at Source - Marrow Washing - Esoteric Martial Arts of Zen #2 - cover

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    This chi kung set is a complex one, with both physical and internal movements. It is not physically difficult, but the length of time required to pay attention to the subtle movements of the various energies is a suitable task for advanced students of the arts. 
    This second manual is a capstone to the tripartite training (18 Hands of the Lohan, Muscle-Tendon Changes, and Marrow Washing) as handed down by Bodhidharma at Shaolin Songshan Temple, ca. 530 A.D. See my first manual for a treatment of the first two systems. 
    “Returning to Source” refers to the conscious use of Original Heavenly Tien Chi and Earth Di Chi to renew your own chi and return to a natural, balanced state. From that point of balance you have access to a conscious modification of your DNA. How? By generating and guiding these energy sources of light into your muscles-organs-meridians, then pumping and packing the chi into your bones, into your marrow (includes your brain!), and then washing your genetic helixes with that light. 
    When we practice these integrated and open-ended systems of training, we reside within the realm of non-Aristotelian, non-Cartesian evidence, a locus that connects all possibilities of human existence simultaneously. We as traditional, classical martial artists don’t need no stinking badges from modern science to experience the truth of the matter: 1) We are responsible for our own existence, and 2) We can energetically control both our present and future genetic states. We don’t need to ask permission to grow beyond the boundaries of our previous experiences or beyond our culture. Or even beyond our genomes. 
    Have you considered how your training influences your genetic drift? We don’t need to leave our future to the vagaries of “drift.” Nor remain at the mercy of the pathetically inferior path of modern society, with its dependence on accepting central authorities outside of oneself (central message from Bodhidharma!). Clamoring and clawing through a life of getting and spending, accepting tidbits tossed to you by elitists swayed by destructive myopia, massive ignorance, and out-of control egos, is no life, but a hell. 
    The original impetus for sacred warriorhood—indeed, the worthwhile goal of all complete martial training—was and is to wake up. That is, by means of cathartic mind and body activities, to live with clarity. 
    Switch on your own light.
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  • How to Build More Muscle than Ever Before and Maintain Muscle Mass Permanently - nekoterran - cover

    How to Build More Muscle than...

    neko nekoterran

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    Bodybuilding is hard, but not complicated… IF YOU KNOW HOW.  
    Why do only a selective few achieve the physique they desire? 
    There are 3 reasons why 9/10 people fail to build muscles:   Don't know how, or the information they apply is incorrect 
    which produces zero results, frustrations and giving up all together.Commitment. 
    3) Desire a muscular and cut physique but don't want to diet and exercise.  
         to prove point #1, ask yourself the question:                                                                                                
        "What happens inside the body to build muscles?"    
    If you don't know— SUPER! Because you will learn exactly 
    what builds muscles, and how to how to maintain muscle mass 
    in this short, yet powerful program. 
    Point #2 Commitment and consistency.    
    In order to commit to a program for 10-12 full weeks, 
    you must have a strong reason why.       
    "why do I want to build more muscle than ever before?" 
    And your answer(s) will lead to commitment and persistence.  
    And point #3 Without diet and exercise, 
    it's impossible to achieve a muscular physique!    
    NOTE: This program doesn't contain cutting out all carbohydrates, 
    or eating a bunch of animal meat, 
    or chugging down endless protein shakes that leads to 
    dead end after dead end results— none of this nonsense. 
    The information in this program has been tested on myself, 
    and others whom achieved outstanding results without harming the body. 
    This program may be drastically different than what you may be used to.  
    And requires the participant to spend $90 - $150 on NATURAL supplements  
    to successfully complete the 10-12 week program. 
    Be warned.    
    This program isn't a quick fix, requires 10-12 weeks of dedication, 
    and a lot of work from your part.    
    If you can't agree to the following:Spend $90- $150 on Natural supplements.Own a gym membership.Willing to lift weights.Make dietary changes.Dedicate yourself for 10-12 weeks to the program 
    (however you will experience results sooner)Approach the program with an open mind, be open to new methods,and new ideas.Try a new/different approach to bodybuilding.Enjoy a muscular physique permanently. 
    If you can't commit to the above points 100%, 
    This program is not for you. 
    If you agreed, prepare for a permanent change.
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