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Remains: A Story of the Flying Tigers Who Won Immortality Defending Burma and China from Japanese Invasion - cover

Remains: A Story of the Flying Tigers Who Won Immortality Defending Burma and China from Japanese Invasion

Daniel Ford

Publisher: Warbird Books

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When young Eddie Gillespie discovers a World War II airplane in the jungle, with a grinning skeleton at the controls, he sets a story in motion. Two American fighter pilots in the Chinese Air Force, with their English and Burmese girlfriends, and a Japanese suicide pilot whose name happens to mean "tree of the sun"--they clash at Rangoon, while the British empire falls about their ears. Here is a story of the Flying Tigers, immortalized by their exploits in Southeast Asia in the opening months of the Pacific War, as told by a man uniquely qualified to write about those stirring times. 
Ford's history of the Flying Tigers won the award of excellence from the Aviation-Space Writers Association, while his novel of the Vietnam war inspired the Burt Lancaster film Go Tell the Spartans, which the Cincinnati Enquirer called "one of the noblest films, ever, about men in crisis." Here he deftly melds fact and fiction in an unforgettable wartime romance. "You can't beat remains, kid," Lieutenant Atherton says in a beautifully limned conclusion. "They'll tell the story every time."

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    A Top 10 Bestseller by a New York Times Bestselling Author!
    	England, 1667
    	Sensible Clarice Bradford is content in her widowhood. She has a pretty one-room cottage and a lovely little daughter, and the last thing she wants is another husband. Until one fairytale evening when she’s invited to a wedding at a castle…
    	Scottish gentleman Sir Cameron Leslie is smitten with the shy, English beauty at first sight. He’s fiercely drawn to the very strength and independence that make her unwilling to throw caution to the wind and bestow her heart on a younger man. Though passion flares between them, it will take everything Cameron can muster to reawaken Clarice’s long-forgotten dreams of true love…
    	PLEASE NOTE: This Chase Family novella is about 1/4 the length of Lauren's full-length novels—around 100 pages, which is longer than a short story, but shorter than a typical book. Forevermore stands alone as a complete story, but if you'd prefer to read it in order within the series, chronologically it falls between Emerald and Amber.
    	• Humorous historical romance 
    	• Book 3 of Lauren’s Chase Family Series 
    	• A Chase Family Novella 
    	• Special Author's Cut Edition (revised in 2012) 
    	• A novella of 25,000 words (about 100 printed book pages) 
    	• R-rated content: Steamy love scenes! 
    	• Originally published by Penguin Putnam (Signet)
    	This Author's Cut Edition e-book has been completely revised from the original and includes Bonus Material: an Author's Note, a preview of Lauren's next book, and a link to an online contest where you can enter to win a piece of jewelry featured in one of Lauren's books.
    	• Top 10 Bestseller on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks! 
    	• Nominated by Romantic Times for Best Anthology!
    	While FOREVERMORE can be read as a stand-alone story, many readers enjoy reading it as part of a series. All of Lauren’s books feature Chase family members. Should you wish to read them in chronological order, this is the sequence:
    	Chase Family Series 
    	1666 - AMETHYST (Colin & Amy) 
    	1667 - EMERALD (Jason & Caithren) 
    	1667 - FOREVERMORE (Cameron & Clarice) 
    	1668 - AMBER (Trick & Kendra) 
    	1673 - VIOLET (Ford & Violet) 
    	1677 - LILY (Rand & Lily) 
    	1677 - ROSE (Kit & Rose)
    	Regency Chase Family Series 
    	1815 - LOST IN TEMPTATION (Tristan & Alexandra) 
    	1816 - TEMPTING JULIANA (James & Juliana) 
    	1817 - THE ART OF TEMPTATION (Sean & Corinna + Griffin & Rachael)
    	Keywords: Restoration, Charles II, Chase Family, sexy, 1600s, novella, 17th century, wedding, handfasting, aristocrat, nobility, highlander, marriage, love, humor, family life, friendship, English, England, Scottish, Scotland, romantic, ebooks, sex, novels, series, authors, best sellers, older woman, younger man
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    Jesse Best is a simple man with simple ambitions, his own dog, his own gun and a woman. In this very special return to Marrying Stone, Jesse gets his chance at all three.  
    Althea Winsloe is a widow with a son. All she wants is to give her boy a better childhood than her own. But a young woman sitting on a prime piece of farmland is bound to draw attention from her envious neighbors and swains on every side. Interfering relatives and the confession of an illicit kiss force her to make her choice of a new husband by Christmas Day.  
    Chock full of Ozarks vocabulary, mountain culture and characters that you are sure you know, Simple Jess is a unique and beloved romance novel that no reader should miss.
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    Part one of a three part novella series, featuring a clean romance centering around our dear couple, Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth by Nora Kipling. 
    Mr. Darcy has been accused of the most unnatural of desires, and must find a wife to allay the rumors as soon as possible. 
    Mr. Darcy has just returned from an unsuccessful Season in London, only to be confronted by his father regarding some rumors as to his behavior while amongst the Ton. Faced with banishment from the family estate, Mr. Darcy travels to Netherfield where he will meet with and choose a wife amongst the daughters of his father's old friend, Mr. Bennet. 
    But Mr. Darcy has old friends of his own, one of which does not have his best of intentions at heart. On top of that, he must choose between betraying Mr. Bingley or pleasing his father in his choice of bride! 
    Set a few years earlier than the original Pride and Prejudice, this what-if novella variation can be enjoyed by all ages! This is a sweet, clean romance suitable for all lovers of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.
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  • Mr Darcy Came to Dinner - a Pride & Prejudice farce - cover

    Mr Darcy Came to Dinner - a...

    Jack Caldwell

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    In this humorous re-imagining of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet’s pet cat causes an unfortunate accident to befall the haughty Mr. Darcy, forcing the injured gentleman to reluctantly take up residence at Longbourn—more specifically, in the parlor of Longbourn!  In pain, forbidden to leave by his doctors, Mr. Darcy cannot escape the ridiculous antics of the Bennet clan. And when Georgiana Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Lady Catherine de Bourgh arrive to visit the invalid, chaos, confusion and hilarity ensue! 
    Inspired by the classics of comedy, author Jack Caldwell transforms Austen’s beloved novel into a tour de force of farce. The Regency will never be the same!
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    Piers Westhaven and Alice Penhallow have always been close friends, even during their marriages to other partners. Now they are both widowed, and Piers, who needs an heir, has asked his friend to help him choose a new bride. Alice has always been in love with him herself, but hiding her feelings has become second nature to her. As a boy, he dearly loved her too until his best friend announced his intention of courting and marrying her. Soon their mutual passion begins to break through the careful bonds each has imposed upon it just as Piers is being trapped into offering marriage to someone else. Will honor permit them to speak the heart's truth before it is too late? Or is it already too late for them--again?
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