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Mama Jo Jo's Advice - cover

Mama Jo Jo's Advice

Thomas Briar

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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Jo-Jo Bragan, a fifty-nine year old ex-prostitute from New Jersey, operates a novelty shop in the small town of Carterville, Georgia. She's a clairvoyant known throughout the community as Mama Jo-Jo and she uses her gift to help her customers find sexual satisfaction and romantic happiness.

	Tammy Banks and Julia Richards have entered Mama Jo-Jo's shop. Though strangers to each other, both women have troubling relationship problems: Julia has to reveal to her new boyfriend she's a male to female transsexual in mid-transition, while Tammy desperately needs to extricate herself from an emotionally abusive relationship. If they follow Mama Jo-Jo's advice, will it prove helpful in either situation?

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    	Punished by the Professor:
    	College student Anne Brown has a dirty little secret: At night, she sneaks into the offices of her teachers and masturbates. But things go wrong: She is caught red-handed by Professor Kolmann. But perhaps the Professor would be open to a deal that will let Anne leave with her reputation intact? And just what would he ask of her in return for his silence?
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    Kate is a middle-aged mother and wife. For many years she has been busy balancing family and career. Her returning sexual desire after many years absence is a delight. It is also a major distraction. She has a romantic attraction for Mark, a work colleague with the same name as her husband. Disturbed by her thoughts and strong sexual desires, she tells her husband. He encourages her to explore her feelings. Her husband's support confuses Kate, but does not stop her. The changes in Kate affect the people around her, which is thrilling and challenging. The changing reactions of the two Marks is difficult for Kate at first. Exploring new ways of understanding love and relationships expands her possibilities for self-expression. Some of the opportunities also bring complications which are difficult to negotiate. Kate and those close to her have to work out what they want for themselves and each other.
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    ‘This place is amazing, it’s like heaven!’ 
    Imagine a sun drenched island paradise, home to six beautiful young women who have learned to share their hearts and bodies without jealousy, a place where they can make love and enjoy life – their perfect home. 
    On the other side of the world, pretty Roxanne meets the island’s owner, gorgeous redhead Lauren. Even though she is straight, the encounter begins a journey that will change the curvaceous brunette’s life forever – perhaps she is not as straight as she thought….. 
    Step into a world where beautiful women make love in heavenly locations, and join Roxanne as she discovers her true sexuality for the first time in a deeply erotic story that smoulders from the first page to the last! 
    ‘Lesbian Heaven’ is a full length novel that contains explicit scenes of women making love in intense one on ones, hot threesomes and uninhibited orgies – strictly adults only!
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    The Ultimate Desire Collection Part One: Four Steamy Romance Stories
    	Please note that each of these stories can be bought as a standalone separate story. 
    	Total word count 24,142.
    	Two Nights of Passion
    	Amy and Jason have been close friends for many years, right from their school days! They are now living and working together in harmony, with the only thing they really differ on being their views on the perfect relationship. 
    	Amy, a dreamer, longs for the happily-ever-after, with someone special to whisk her away and introduce her to a new world of love and romance. Jason takes a more casual view to relationships; he wants to enjoy every day as it comes and is only interested in Mrs Right Now, rather than a long term partnership! 
    	But sharing two steamy nights of passion between them soon gets them both questioning their own beliefs. Which one of them will be proved right when both lust and love come together?!
    	Reluctant Hero
    	Jade’s world has come apart! Her fiancé, who she thought she knew so well, has been revealed as a fraudster and has run off after clearing out their joint bank account, leaving her stranded and facing eviction. 
    	She is so distressed by her dire situation that she faints in her local park, but is helped by a handsome stranger called Michael. He makes sure she gets home safely, and gives Jade an alternative to being left homeless. 
    	Will Michael and Jade give into their obvious attraction for each other? Does Jade have the strength to trust again, and can her rescuer give her a second chance at happiness and love!
    	Hidden Desire
    	Sophie is left feeling mad and angry when Ben, her fiancé, jilts her on the eve of their wedding day, leaving her to pick up all the pieces. 
    	Sophie partly blames Jacob, Ben’s incredibly sexy best friend, for her humiliation. Jacob has never made any pretence of his lust for Sophie; he is used to getting his own way and will do anything to ensure the wedding does not go ahead. 
    	Can Sophie stand up to Jacob, and will she acknowledge her extreme attraction to him? Will Jacob prove that he can realise his desires when he puts his mind to it and claim Sophie’s heart?
    	Sweet Revenge
    	Kelly has been recruited by her sister Lisa to help her in a plan of revenge against David, the handsome but ruthless man who abandoned Lisa after she painfully lost their child. 
    	But there’s one big problem: Instead of being pleased to humiliate and destroy David, Kelly now feels a real and powerful attraction towards him after they have gotten to know each, and she starts to doubt that David is the monster that her sister has described to her on so many occasions. 
    	David equally wonders about Kelly’s odd change in behaviour, and whether she is as sweet and innocent as she had first appeared. Is she a woman hiding a secret that will have a dramatic effect on his life? 
    	With the passion between Kelly and David so strong, it is only a matter of time until the truth is exposed!
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    The following 9500 word erotica bundle contains the following three doctor erotica stories by Serena St Claire:
    	Doctor Do-Me: Katie's had a string of bad luck. She lost her job, her car broke down, and worst of all she caught her longtime boyfriend Neil cheating on her. Katie's mom convinces her to go see a doctor in case she has depression. What will the doctor do to make Katie feel better when she tells him his problems? Warning: this 3000 word story contains fingering, ass fingering, explicit sex & a great ending!
    	Nailing Doctor Nick: One wild party night, Jade makes a $100 bet with her best friend: she tells her she can totally get the hottest doctor at the hospital she works at to sleep with her. But what happens when the doctor finds out that Jade's recording this to prove the bet? Only one way to find out! Warning: this 3400 word story contains some spanking, light BDSM, oral sex, explicit sex and a surprise ending!
    	Fucked by the Doctor: Maria is in the hospital, dreaming of her sexy doctor. She starts masturbating, but doesn't realize that he's come to check in on her. What does he do when he finds her pleasuring herself and crying out his name? Only one way to find out! Warning: this 3000 word story contains pussy and anal fingering, explicit, hot sex and a super sexy doctor.
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  • WereWood Bundle 1 - 3 - WereWood Chronicles - cover

    WereWood Bundle 1 - 3 - WereWood...

    Ada O'Flaherty

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    WereWood Bundle 1 - 3 contains the first three stories of the WereWood Chronicles series at a discount from if each story were purchased separately. Please enjoy! And, I'd love to hear what you thought of the stories via the review system or send me an email.  
    Forced to hide deep within WereWood Forest’s protective coverings, beautiful and strong Anya is determined to succeed where her three sisters have failed—she will live. Every year, the new-of-age girls of her village are required to venture into the dangerous forest to face being bred by the creatures that live there. Every year, not all of the girls return. This is the story of Anya’s struggle to survive at any cost to herself or her future self. She looks to no one to save her—but the love of one man is her only hope. 
    9,178 Word. 
    WARNING: This story contains graphic sexual situations and is intended for audiences 18+ years of age. It contains: m/f, breeding, loss of virginity, werewolves. 
    Running for her life, Anya must out distance the wolves that would kill her before her new mate, Conall, can reach her. On her second of three breeding nights, she is already pregnant with Conall’s baby, a fact which fills her with both fear and uncertainty but which does nothing to protect her from his pack members who want her dead. But her breeding’s not done. She must take more of Conall’s seed inside of her to ensure the health of the tiny life now growing in her belly yet her acceptance of him could cost her family everything. 
    8,608 Word. 
    WARNING: This story contains graphic sexual situations and is intended for audiences 18+ years of age. It contains: m/f, breeding, a graphic fight for life and werewolves. 
    As the strong and beautiful Anya waits for the light to fall on her third breeding night, she is desperate to break the bonds holding her as the pregnant mate to a werewolf. She's willing to do anything--even accept the carnal knowledge of two human men in the hope that their stench will cause her werewolf lover to reject her. But someone wants her dead, and her desire to escape the werewolf's hold leads her to make a decision that could be her last. 
    This is an erotica, short story that includes scenes of graphic sex between one woman and two human men. 
    5,671 words.
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