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Mama Jo Jo's Advice - cover

Mama Jo Jo's Advice

Thomas Briar

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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Jo-Jo Bragan, a fifty-nine year old ex-prostitute from New Jersey, operates a novelty shop in the small town of Carterville, Georgia. She's a clairvoyant known throughout the community as Mama Jo-Jo and she uses her gift to help her customers find sexual satisfaction and romantic happiness.

	Tammy Banks and Julia Richards have entered Mama Jo-Jo's shop. Though strangers to each other, both women have troubling relationship problems: Julia has to reveal to her new boyfriend she's a male to female transsexual in mid-transition, while Tammy desperately needs to extricate herself from an emotionally abusive relationship. If they follow Mama Jo-Jo's advice, will it prove helpful in either situation?

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    deserts her husband. As a single parent, the Reverend is left to raise his
    eight year old daughter. Father and daughter are emotionally devastated by the
    loss of the wife and mother but after years of struggling together, the small
    church becomes a success and Roxanne proves to be industrious. In addition to a
    strong work ethic, her beauty and sparkling personality opens the door to
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    Excerpt ~~~~~
    Shortly after we entered the
    motel room, Roxanne asked, “Okay, Dad, what do you think of your daughter now?”
    “Sweetheart, I love you as
    much as I ever did,” I said in response.
    “What a sweet thing to say,”
    she responded joyfully.  “I was concerned
    that maybe I was being too forward and pushy by inviting you to watch the
    shooting of my video.”
    “I kinda thought that at
    first also,” I responded, “but it was exciting to watch you in action.”
    Her pretty blue eyes opened
    wide in expressing surprise at my comment and my very talkative daughter seemed
    to be at a rare loss for words so as she paused for a minute, I then continued,
    “Honey, I’ve always thought you were beautiful but I never realized how sexy
    you are until today.  I realize now that
    porn is a legitimate industry and you are a fine performer.”
    She then responded, “Dad, I
    am amazed at how liberal you seem to be now; it sounds like you are actually
    expressing approval of my being a porn actress.”
    “You are absolutely right,
    Roxanne,” I said. “I not only approve of what you are doing but I am also
    ‘turned on’ by it as we used to say in when I was in high school.”
    “Dad!” she exclaimed and
    while smiling she added, “Will you stop it? 
    Or do you want me to help you find a date when we get back home
    tomorrow, or how about now with the actress I was with today?”
    We were both standing face to
    face and I moved closer to put my hands on her shoulders and looked directly
    into her eyes and said, “Tomorrow is another day, and I don’t want you to find
    me a date. I’d rather just be with you, now!”
    With a surprised look on her
    face she said, “If I am reading your correctly, it sounds like you are making a
    pass at me and I don’t know how to respond. 
    Obviously, I’m pretty liberal about sex as you have surely seen, but
    incest is something that I’ve never considered,” and then after a short pause
    added, “I’ll have to ponder this for a while.” 
    I then responded, “Okay, how
    about first ‘considering’ and then ‘ponder’ right now and I’ll wait for an answer.”
    “Dad!” she said sternly. “You
    sound very serious and you are certainly persistent.  Are you sure this is something you really
    want to do?”
    “I can’t think of anything I
    would rather do,” I responded decisively.
    “This is crazy!” she
    exclaimed but then added, “On the other hand, I suppose many would say that
    being in porn is ‘crazy.’  Where do we
    draw the line?”
    I then boldly responded, “Why
    does there have to be a line?”
    Roxanne then said, “Okay,
    Dad, I can see that you’re excited and I can certainly understand why…but wait
    a minute.  Did I say ‘excited?’  Dad, you’re downright horny at this very
    moment, and I don’t want to be the one to deny your satisfaction.”
    When she said that, I felt
    like shouting out “yahoo,” but I kept silent and as she started to undress, I
    removed my shoes and pants.
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    Mom had always been a hardcore prude. So, when she sleep-walked her way into my room in the middle of the night, I took advantage of the situation. I also knew for a fact that she was extremely fertile and hadn’t had sex with my father since I was born. That meant that her pussy was as tight as an 18-year-old virgin’s.Excerpt:I clasped my hands together greedily as my mind whirled with all the possibilities. It was the middle of the night, everyone was asleep in the house but me and now mom had somehow let herself into my room.At first I just thought she wanted something. But I quickly realized that she was fast asleep and sleep-walking.She was in my room with nothing but a see-through nightie between me and my ultimate fantasy. I may have been a 19-year-old with a girlfriend, but mom will always be my first fantasy."Mom?" I shook her, hoping that she wouldn't wake up. If she did, I could just explain that she must've been sleep-walking.But she didn't wake up. Mom was an extremely deep sleeper and with her sleep-walking, she was even harder to wake up.My cock jumped in my shorts as I thought of all the possibilities. All of them involved me living out my dirty, filthy fantasies with her. That she was asleep didn't matter a whit."Mom?" I shook her again, taking note of how her large, motherly breasts swayed practically in my face. She mumbled something, but remained fully asleep.Her nightie was just begging to be slipped off. I mean, mom's a prude. She'd have a fit if she knew that I even saw her in her nightie. She'd probably have an aneurysm if she knew I had a look at her free-hanging breasts."Wake up, mom..." I said as I began lifting her nightie up over her head. I could still explain this if she awoke.I quickly shut and locked the door just in case dad decided to get up and grab a midnight snack. I was intent on having my own midnight snack.I kept talking to her as I completely undressed her. Mom was in pretty good shape for a 40-year-old. Long legs, short, auburn hair and large, round, blueberry-colored eyes that sparkled in the light.Her breasts were large and very - shall we say - motherly. I could see that she'd been tanning herself by the pool recently as she had tan lines around her breasts and hips.To see my mother standing before me naked as the day she was born made my cock so hard that I had to take it out and play with it.Or...I smiled deviously...let her play with it.
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