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Eternally Yours - cover

Eternally Yours

Maxine Douglas

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

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Cassandra Jameson and her best friend, Paige Matteson, have opened a store in an ancient part of town called Eternal Pleasures. Cassandra is obsessed with pleasuring herself as no man has ever been able to accomplish, and finds herself an old, tattered book of erotic Victorian tales. She becomes obsessed with a male character which appears in each of the stories she reads and begins to fantasize about him.Garrett Alexander lived his life performing the teachings of pleasures of the body hundreds of years before. His shop Eternal Pleasures was located in the very same spot that the new Eternal Pleasures has now opened. Having heard the siren call of CJ, Garrett finds he cannot resist the burning desire to pleasure her as no mortal man has ever done before.Paige Matteson has some promises to fulfill to her best friend…and herself. The mysterious Russell Canterbury may just be the one to take her into a world of sex she’d thought impossible. But Russell has other ideas. He’s travelled hundreds of years to seek revenge of CJ for the death of his dear friend, Garrett. Or is it jealousy that spurs him now that Garrett has found peace instead of walking in the shadows of the undead for centuries? What sacrifices are they willing to make for love?

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    "How many girls get one more chance with the one who got away? That's what I might have with Noah...But I am crazy about Bryan." 
    Unbridled passion and a longing for love can be a most dangerous mix. When a young college girl submits to her most forbidden desires, Europe becomes her playground for lust, excitement and danger. 
    Star, an American college coed on work study risked her perfect life and hunky fiance, for a married alpha Billionaire. When their romance is destroyed by his dark secrets, she turns to the comfort of a familiar man from her past. 
    Her heart is torn. She's a young girl submitting to the passion of the moment. When she left for Europe on work study. 6 weeks turns to more as she fell in love with the ultimate alpha Billionaire. Bryan was a married man and against his better judgment he risk his perfect life on for secret sex with his gorgeous young nanny.  
    A naughty boss with a secret life he fears sharing with anyone. 
    More than a college romance, Forbidden: Addicted is newly updated to bring your hottest fantasies to life. "One of the best romance novels of 2017....." 
    Let your imagination run wild. Inspired by the best of today's hottest erotic romance novels for women from Sylvia Day and EL James, and set among the hottest spots in Europe. 
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    "Forbidden: Bad Boys After Dark" is a hot romance with mature situations. 
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    Younger Woman Older Man First Time Romance'She was in need of some really good roadside assistance.'   While the young, beautiful and untouched Sadie is driving through the countryside she nearly runs over the only man for miles. Turns out, it's Wyatt, her former man of the house. This inexperienced woman has always craved older men and knows that this is the man to fill and stuff her for the first time.   Wyatt can do much more than assist, and this little service ends up being much more exciting than she hoped, as it will be hard and without protection!   Warning: Contains explicit sexual content. For adults only. 
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    To reunite with her kidnapped son, a reclusive bookkeeper infiltrates an outlaw biker club, only to fall for one of the members.
    When Jenna Mitchell enters the world of the Devil’s Prophets Motorcycle Club, unlike most women before her, she is not there to land herself a biker. After the late president of the MC kidnapped their baby and murdered her sister, Jenna could only look on from the sidelines as another woman raised Jack. Now is her chance to finally reunite with her son, and nothing will stand in her way.
    Try telling that to Ali, the club’s enforcer. The stunning, quiet bookkeeper is like the start of his favourite sex fantasy, the part just before the secretary whips off her glasses, and shakes down her hair. One short meeting, and she’s all he can think about.
    First love at thirty-two seems unlikely, yet Jenna can’t help falling for the sexy, dirty-mouthed biker. But it’s not all MC parties and off-the-chain hot sex for this interloper. When the man that wants you demands your secrets too, it’s only a matter of time before he will find them out.
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    Forbidden Interracial BWWM Pregnancy Bundle
    My Forbidden Baby: A BWWM Story
    When Trisha’s best friend Sarah asks her to be a surrogate mother for her, she’s caught in a sticky situation. Sarah doesn’t know that John, her husband, used to be Trisha’s lover.
    Putting aside her emotions to help her friend, she agrees. But when Trisha breaks down in the doctor’s office and can’t go through with it, John comes over to comfort her with a hidden agenda… to make sure she goes through with the impregnation, even if it means doing it his way!
    Trisha has always had feelings for John, but she kept them hidden away after he started dating Sarah. When she finds out John still lusts after her, their spark threatens to start a fire that could destroy everything she cared about. Despite it all, she finds herself giving in completely to her desires and lying to her friend as she is filled with John’s seed and made to carry his baby! 
    Knocked Up By My White Billionaire Boss
    I’ll always remember the way he looked at me when I first walked into his office. The way his eyes lingered on my body, undressing me mentally as he smiled that cocky grin of his. I should have known right then and there that he was going to try something, but foolishly I didn’t think twice about it. I was a beautiful woman after all, and was used to people staring at me like a sex object. Normally I would never give them the time of day though, which is why I was shocked at how fast I fell for Mr. Rockefeller. He was young, handsome, and incredibly rich, capable of getting any women he desired. For some reason, he wanted me. Not just as a girlfriend or a quick....
    My White Boss
    When Tanya gets a call from her cheating ex-boyfriend Andreas at work, she knows it can't end well. She's cut off contact with him completely, but when he threatens to show up at her work she is scared that her past will come back to haunt her.
    Meanwhile, her boss Maxwell, head of the law firm she works for decides to meet her in the work cafe... just when Andreas decides to show up!
    What happens next changes Tanya's entire life around, starting from the moment she walks into Maxwell's office later on that afternoon. Maxwell wants something from Tanya badly, and he knows just how to get it from her... 
    How Do You Want It?
    When Tamika is confronted by her violent ex-boyfriend Malik, she feels like there's no way out. With no family or friends to turn to, she's completely at his mercy and in the hood people just look away when he abuses her.
    However, Tamika soon finds out that you can find help in the most unlikely of places and from the most unlikely people if you're willing to let it happen...
    All of these stories contain explicit sex scenes.
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  • Walk Away The Romance of Nick and Layla (Part 1) - The Romance of Nick and Layla #1 - cover

    Walk Away The Romance of Nick...

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    Nick (a famous pop star) and Layla met and fell in love when they were both young and stupid, and fell into the superficial trappings of fame and wealth. They soon discovered that they brought out the best and the worst in each other, and their marriage - a secret to even their own families - suffered as a result.  
    "The Romance of Nick and Layla" is a series of six novellas that tells the story of a couple's dysfunctional relationship over the course of ten years.  
    WALK AWAY (Part 1):  
    Layla doesn't believe in love, and yet there is only one man in the world who has ever had her heart: Nick Hudson. A pop star famous the world over, Nick is everything a girl would want in a man. But their secret marriage is taking a toll on Layla's life, and every day she's finding it more difficult to stay with the man who gives her every reason to walk away.
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  • Maid to Order - French Maid Erotica - cover

    Maid to Order - French Maid Erotica

    Tabatha Dallas

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    Genre: Feminization/Crossdressing - French Maid Erotica 
    Every office has that one jerk who thinks they can get away with anything. Most aren't as bad as Paul. His racism, homophobia, and wandering hand on a long string of secretaries are costing the company big time. 
    Peggy Miller's a 'fixer' for companies. It's her job to find troublesome employees and 'fix' them for good. 
    Can she fix Paul and why does it involve a french maid outfit, a dirty bathroom, and a newly fired well hung janitor? 
    This 12,600 word french maid feminization erotica contains detailed descriptions of feminization/crossdressing, interracial gay sex, domination, oral and anal situations with an alpha male. It is intended for the enjoyment of adult readers only (especially those who love feminization / crossdressing erotica stories with french maid outfits). 
    Note: This is a stand-alone story.
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