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Drawing Heat - cover

Drawing Heat

S.L. Dearing

Publisher: SLDearing

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Tristan Broussard is a world famous artist, and tall, dark and handsome barely covers it. Natalia Walker is an art agent extraordinaire and Tristan is her biggest client, but something in the way he looks at her is making her long for more than just a new gallery opening. Yet, in all the tension that flows from Tristan, there is also a sense of foreboding. Something that is dark and dangerous that makes Natalia want to run, as fast as she can, despite her yearnings. 

	When Tristan decides to change the nature of their relationship, will Natalia succumb to the fire he elicits from her? And if so, will she survive the night? 

	Drawing Heat is a paranormal erotica short story with light BDSM. This story contains detailed sexual encounters and is for adults only.

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    Mind Controlled By The Stallion...

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    Sitting in her favorite picnic spot, Wanda was getting ready to eat her lunch when she heard a large horse near her. Panic rose in her chest as bits and pieces of memory flooded back to her. Memories of things the stallion did to her while under his control.
    And memories of what the stallion was going to do to her again.
    Wanda gazed into the glowing gold eyes of the stallion. Within seconds, she felt her will melt like snow in the desert.
    Her eyes began to glaze over as his mind took control of hers. When he could feel that she was totally under his control, like every other time, now the fun could begin.
    "How may I serve you, Master Rocky?" She fell to her knees in worshipful homage.
    "Give me those carrots." He demanded with the stomp of his foot.
    She reached into her basket and brought out some carrots. He munched on them, satisfied that she was mentally his for awhile.
    She was weak minded and that made her to easy to control.
    "Now undress." He commanded in an imperial deep voice that made her hurry to obey.
    Within moments, she stood before him in all her feminine glory as he inspected her. Her scent told him that she'd kept herself pure for him and only him. No other males had touched her. That's how he liked it.
    "Tell me how much you missed me." He said, liking that she was so spirited when not under his control. He could break her over and over again and she'd never remember it.
    That thought made him smile.
    "I thought I'd never see you again, master." She draped her slender arms around his thick, strong, corded neck.
    "Good." he pushed his velvety lips to hers.
    Wanda opened her lips, allowing him to push his tongue into her mouth.
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  • Retaliate - Sin City Outlaws #3 - cover

    Retaliate - Sin City Outlaws #3

    M.N. Forgy

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    Being the Vice President of the Sin City Outlaws Motorcycle Club comes with its perks. 
    Respect, power, and easy women whenever I want. I have control in everything I do. 
    Because of that, I wasn’t expecting my president to put me on babysitting duty, and on a female cop of all fucking people. I kill law enforcement, not protect them.  
    Alessandra pretends to be the good-guy hiding behind that shiny badge. But I see the darkness dancing in her eyes, and it draws me to her in the worst way. I want to devour that act of innocence, pull her over the line of justice, and into my bed. 
    I just wasn’t expecting the handful of secrets I got behind that badge of honor I ripped from her chest.  Because now, we’re retaliating against a common enemy together. 
    This is book 3 in the Sin City Outlaws MC series. It is recommended you read Reign, and Mercy before Retaliate. Enjoy.
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  • Christmas of White - cover

    Christmas of White

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    Can Blaise coming back to Montana turn Owen’s blue Christmas into a warm, shared Christmas of white?  Owen never thought he'd see the all-too tempting veterinary intern from the previous summer again, until his brother drops the bombshell that not only is Blaise returning, but he'll need to stay in Owen's house again until he gets settled. He's the bachelor uncle in their ranching family, and if people know what that means, no one talks about it. He can't be gay, no matter what happened in the barn last time Blaise was here…  Blaise made the life-changing decision to relocate to Montana for many reasons but with one clear goal in mind—to convince Owen of what they could share if he would only let Blaise in. He's prepared himself for a long siege, but with the help of his scheming best friend, Owen's brother, a donkey and a lot of snow, an early Christmas present might just be in store for them both.
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  • Ignite - Black Inferno #2 - cover

    Ignite - Black Inferno #2

    K.T Fisher

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    What happens when you find out that the guy you have been seeing, turns out to be a huge rock star? 
    Well that's what happened to Lacey when she met Cole. After finding out that Cole had lied, she has not forgiven him and agreed to go along on the bands American tour. 
    While on tour, she's had to get used to Cole's fame, his groupies and getting to know the band. 
    Roxie, on the other hand hs a totally different dialemma. Not only is she realizing that her feelings for Lacey are a lot stronger than she thought. So she has to go through watching her with Cole. She's also fallen for Mason, Cole's brother but how can you love two people at once?Unable to cope with everything, she finds solace in drinking. Leading to huge mistakes she may bot be forgiven for. 
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  • Powerful Passions - Alpha Male Bundle - cover

    Powerful Passions - Alpha Male...

    Gigi Bayer

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    Enjoy three sexy stories from Gigi Bayer where the alpha males keep pumping and the hearts keep racing. 
    Inside this bundle: 
    Strangers on the Train – a girl meets an alpha male on the daily commute, sexy times follow 
    In Lust With the Boss – who hasn’t had a crush on their sexy boss? What wouldn’t you give to finally get nailed by his hot alpha cock? 
    Hot Tub Hottie – Everybody spies on their neighbors, but spying while the alpha male next door has sex in the hot tub might lead to more liquid than expected 
    2nd Edition of a previously published bundle!
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  • Bigfoot Spring Break (Creature Mutliples Interracial Lesbian) - Bigfoot and the Co-Eds #3 - cover

    Bigfoot Spring Break (Creature...

    Syndy Light

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    It's been a long, cold and lonely winter for our heroine. She has found solace in the arms of her new lovers -- the black classmate from Bigfeet, and her well-hung boyfriend. But now that the weather has finally turned warm, she and her dorm mate can't wait to see their bestial lovers again. 
    As they make their way into the woods, our girls have brought along their friend. And so have the two Bigfoot. 
    Actually, the Bigfoot have brought more than just one. 
    A lot more! 
    Let the Bigfoot and Coed orgy commence!!! 
    (Also available in a 3 story bundle)
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