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Drawing Heat - cover

Drawing Heat

S.L. Dearing

Publisher: SLDearing

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Tristan Broussard is a world famous artist, and tall, dark and handsome barely covers it. Natalia Walker is an art agent extraordinaire and Tristan is her biggest client, but something in the way he looks at her is making her long for more than just a new gallery opening. Yet, in all the tension that flows from Tristan, there is also a sense of foreboding. Something that is dark and dangerous that makes Natalia want to run, as fast as she can, despite her yearnings. 

	When Tristan decides to change the nature of their relationship, will Natalia succumb to the fire he elicits from her? And if so, will she survive the night? 

	Drawing Heat is a paranormal erotica short story with light BDSM. This story contains detailed sexual encounters and is for adults only.

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    Daddy’s busy at work in the garden, trying to get everything ready for summer.  The last thing he needs is his hot daughter teasing him in her skimpy summer-wear.  But that’s exactly what I’m doing to him.  All I want is to feel him inside me and with Mom back in an hour or so I don’t have long to make it happen.  Read about our messy, taboo, outdoor creampie inside.
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    “Play for me, Clara,” he breathed, falling to his knees now and beating his cock as I lay on my back.
    I closed my eyes and felt a swell of ecstasy inside me.  The innocent morning was fast turning into something lusty and erotic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Playing like that for Daddy felt way more intimate than I’d ever anticipated.
    I could hear his soft moans as he jerked himself, my fingers teasing my swelling clit and venturing inside my honey-pot at intervals.
    I teased the juices from my pussy and splayed them all along my slit for Daddy, turning it wet and glistening as he pumped himself.
    In no time at all my body began to approach orgasm, but I quickly realized that this wasn’t entirely what I wanted.  My breath rose and my frustrations grew.  I wanted more.
    “Fuck me, Daddy,” I snarled suddenly, lifting my head and looking down my body at him.
    His eyes flashed open and caught my gaze, knowing in an instant that I was serious.  He didn’t miss a beat, falling back and tearing off his boots and pants like he'd been waiting for that command the whole time.
    He was completely naked now and our garden frolic was almost in full swing.  As he moved over me I could see his huge cock swaying between his legs and looking majestic.  It’s girth was almost worrying and I was kind of nervous to have him inside me.
    I swallowed hard as he moved over me, but Daddy soon took charge.  He moved the bulbous crown of his big cock up and down my sex, coating the tip in the juices that he’d just watched me coax from myself.
    His lips drew close to mine and we kissed, deep and passionately.  Our tongues danced and I could feel Daddy’s hot breath on me, but when he broke away his face seemed more steeled and determined than ever.
    He went back to his knees briefly and gripped at either side of the cleavage of my dress, pulling it sharply and tearing it open right down the middle, causing me to yelp.
    He ripped it wide open, right over my tits until he could see them on my chest.  My pulse was racing and a tinge of fear adorned my lust.
    “Much better,” Daddy smiled.  It seemed as though he was much more of a ravager than a lover, but I enjoyed the power dynamic.
    “I’m gonna fuck that little pussy now,” Daddy said, and suddenly he seemed a completely different man.
    I breathed deep and long, impatient for his cock now.
    “Give it to me, Daddy,” I begged.  “I want that big dick inside me.”
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