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Playing Guitar So Easy: The Ultimate Book For Beginner - cover

Playing Guitar So Easy: The Ultimate Book For Beginner

Scott Su

Publisher: STC Music

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★ Designed for most kinds of guitar beginners   
★ Only easy playing, no hard theory 
★ Quickly learn the basics that you need 
★ 108 mp3s of examples for downloading !! 
★ 『 Song melody 』、『 Accompaniment 』、『 Fingerstyle playing 』 on guitar in a simple way. 
This book is designed for individuals who are interested in beginning level of guitar learning, and shows an efficient and essential way to quickly get the abilities that a guitar beginner should have. Considering beginner's goal of learning, this book covers possibly LESS music theory and focuses directly on the guitar playing instead, including fundamental playing and learning on various tempos and reading simple sheet music. 
This book also contains detailed & clear concepts to SOLVE Problems that beginners may have. Beginners can also learn how to easily deal with songs if they have a key problem when singing with their guitar. You may then, find music to play from the Internet on your own. 
If you are tired of singing, this easy guitar book also teach you how to easily play a song with instrumental style, which means Fingerstyle. 
Check the table of contents below, and get this book, get to know how you can play your guitar easily. 
Chapter 1. Holding The Guitar Correctly: Preparations Before You Start To Play 
---- Section 1. How to hold your guitar 
---- Section 2. Learning how to tune your guitar 
---- Section 3. Let's count a beat first 
Chapter 2. I Want To Play A Song Melody Instantly  
---- Section 1. Reading numbered musical notation to play the guitar 
---- Section 2. Reading staff to play the guitar 
---- Section 3. Reading tablature to play the guitar 
Chapter 3. Using The Guitar As Accompany, I Want To Sing Along On The Guitar!  
---- Section 1. Pressing chords with left hand, changing chords 
---- Section 2. Creating rhythms on the right hand, control song tempo 
---- Section 3. Let's start singing out loud on the beat 
---- Section 4. Some chords are not easy to play, use a capo! 
---- Section 5. Using simple chords to replace with chords that you haven't seen and can't play 
Chapter 4. Tired of Singing? Let's Play Melody + Accompaniment At The Same Time 
---- Section 1. Two voices 
---- Section 2. Transforming! First experience in playing an easy song 
Chapter 5. So Fun!! I Want to Play Better ! 
---- Section 1. Using left hand techniques to increase sound emotions for the guitar 
---- Section 2. Using more accompany styles to enrich music 
---- How to do self-taught learning 
---- How to practice 
---- Choosing the first guitar

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    Each boat is carefully fashioned in a maestro’s workshop—though Leon also recounts a tale of an American friend who attempted to make a gondola all on his own. Once its arched prow pushes off from the dock, the single Venetian at its oar just might break out in a barcarole, the popular songs sung by gondolieri.  
    Please note this ebook edition does not include audio recordings.
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