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The Outlaw Lovers - The Outlaw Lovers - cover

The Outlaw Lovers - The Outlaw Lovers

Jan Springer

Publisher: Jan Springer

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A fast-acting virus has killed a majority of the world’s female population. With so few women on Earth, a new law is created. The Claiming Law allow groups of men to stake a claim on a female—as their sensual property.  
The Outlaw brothers have full intentions of declaring ownership of the women they love…and they’ll do it any way they can. 
Jude Outlaw 
The Outlaw Lovers 1 
When Cate Callahan learns Jude is coming home from the Terrorist Wars and is ready to claim her under the new law­­—with the help of his four brothers—she steals their boat and escapes to the high seas. Unfortunately, her runaway bid for freedom doesn’t last long. 
Quickly capturing his lover, Jude rekindles the flames and seduces Cate back into his bed. 
But Jude holds a secret that could make him lose Cate forever… 
The Claiming 
The Outlaw Lovers 2 
Seeking refuge from the Claiming Law, Callie Callahan hides in a deserted cabin in the Maine woods and is shocked when her ex-flame finds her. She's always craved being in Luke Outlaw's arms. Tasting him. Touching him. Taking him deeply within her. So, what's a girl to do but to delve into the sinful delights he offers? 
Luke has finally reunited with the love of his life. He knows there is only one way to keep Callie safe and with him forever. He'll do it with the help of his three brothers and an assortment of naughty toys. 
Rekindling the flames between them, he unleashes Callie's sensual side, taking her in ways she never dreamed possible, all with the ultimate goal of presenting her to the Outlaw Lovers and The Claiming. 
The Outlaw Lovers series 
Book 1 Jude 
Book 2 The Claiming 
Book 3 Colter's Revenge 
Book 4 Tyler's Woman 
Book 5 Resistance

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    "It's natural for this to feel so good." 
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