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How to Make Money on eBay - Beginner's Guide - How to Make Money on eBay #1 - cover

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How to Make Money on eBay - Beginner's Guide - How to Make Money on eBay #1

Jill b.

Publisher: Jill b.

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This book is for eBay NOVICES. 
If you have eBay selling experience, this book may not be for you. Consider buying Books 2 and 3 in my Make Money on eBay series. 
Are you looking to make some money on eBay?  
Start your work-from-home business with as little as $0 money down! 
Written by a long-term seller, pioneering eBay Powerseller and Top-Rated seller. 
This book is based in reality. It will not cater to lofty dreams or of building castles in the air. 
This basic guide takes the eBay novice by the hand with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your (US) eBay and Paypal accounts. 
How to set up your titles and descriptions. 
Tips to stay organized. 
Customer service tips. 
Shipping tips.
Available since: 11/10/2014.

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    New York Times–bestselling Author: An “entertainingly written” account of the scientific revolution that emerged amid the horrors of seventeenth-century London (Kirkus Reviews). 
    In the late seventeenth century, chaos and disease reigned. Streets overflowed with filth and the murder rate was five times higher than it is today. Sickness was divine punishment, astronomy and astrology were indistinguishable, and the world’s most brilliant, ambitious, and curious scientists were tormented by contradiction. They believed in angels, devils, and alchemy, yet also believed that the universe followed precise mathematical laws that were as intricate and perfectly regulated as the mechanisms of a great clock. 
    The Clockwork Universe captures these thinkers as they wrestled with nature’s most sweeping mysteries. Award-winning writer Edward Dolnick illuminates the fascinating personalities of Newton, Leibniz, Kepler, and others, and vividly animates their momentous struggle during an era when little was known and everything was new—battles of will, faith, and intellect that would change the course of history itself. 
    “Dolnick’s book is lively and the characters are vivid.” —The New York Times Book Review 
    “A free-for-all of ideas in a character-rich, historical narrative.” —The Wall Street Journal 
    “Dolnick writes clearly and unpretentiously about science, and writes equally well about the tumultuous historical context for these men’s groundbreaking discoveries: the English Civil War, the Thirty Years’ War, and in 1665 and 1666 respectively, the Black Plague and the Great Fire of London. Dolnick also offers penetrating portraits of the geniuses of the day, many of them idiosyncratic in the extreme, who offer fertile ground for entertaining writing.” —Publishers Weekly
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    Alaska’s salmon fisheries have long been the origin of adventure, intrigue, hard-earned money, danger, mystery, and tragedy. In 1988, as journalist Julian Hopkins tried to make sense out of his best friend’s drowning, he found out the fatally-beautiful Bristol Bay was also the lair of a killer ... an angered one who at season’s end would follow him home and drag him into the heart of Seattle’s most notorious unsolved serial murder case.In his debut novel, Conrad Jungmann Jr. takes us on a suspenseful crime-legal drama, from rough-and-rugged Alaska to the edge of loyalty, loss, love, jealousy, justice, and vengeance. Full of hidden undertones and powerful epiphanies, EDGE OF REDFISH LAKE is the author’s ode to the Alaska commercial fisheries, old-school journalism, the Green River Killer investigation, DNA forensic science, and plight of Pacific salmon.
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    Design has become the key link between users and today's complex and rapidly evolving digital experiences, and designers are starting to be included in strategic conversations about the products and services that enterprises ultimately deliver. This has led to companies building in-house digital/experience design teams at unprecedented rates, but many of them don't understand how to get the most out of their investment. This practical guide provides guidelines for creating and leading design teams within your organization, and explores ways to use design as part of broader strategic planning.
    You'll discover:
    Why design's role has evolved in the digital age
    How to infuse design into every product and service experience
    The 12 qualities of effective design organizations
    How to structure your design team through a Centralized Partnership
    Design team roles and evolution
    The process of recruiting and hiring designers
    How to manage your design team and promote professional growth
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    Embark on a captivating exploration of the evolution of language as the alchemical catalyst that binds humans and machines. "Language Alchemy" captivates your attention from the first page, beckoning you into a world where words and technology converge in a seamless dance. 
    Delve into the historical roots of communication evolution, from the early days of computing to the era of artificial intelligence. Uncover the fascinating interplay between natural language processing, social media dynamics, and the rising influence of artificial intelligence on our daily lives. Discover how language is the thread weaving together the fabric of this dynamic relationship. 
    As you navigate the pages of "Language Alchemy," a desire to understand this digital age's societal implications and ethical considerations will ignite. The book sparks contemplation about the responsible integration of technology into our lives, fostering a longing for a future where human-machine communication is both innovative and ethically grounded. 
    "Language Alchemy" is not merely a book but a call to action. Take the insights gained from its pages and apply them to your understanding of the evolving landscape of human-machine communication. Consider your role in this alchemical process and how, through conscious choices, you can contribute to a future where communication bridges the gap between the organic and the artificial. 
    In "Language Alchemy," the journey is not just about reading words but about experiencing the transformation that occurs when language becomes the bridge between humanity and technology. Are you ready to embark on this alchemical odyssey? The book awaits, inviting you to participate actively in the evolution of communication.
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  • Oil Beach - How Toxic Infrastructure Threatens Life in the Ports of Los Angeles and Beyond - cover

    Oil Beach - How Toxic...

    Christina Dunbar-Hester

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    Can the stories of bananas, whales, sea birds, and otters teach us to reconsider the seaport as a place of ecological violence, tied to oil, capital, and trade? 
    San Pedro Bay, which contains the contiguous Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, is a significant site for petroleum shipping and refining as well as one of the largest container shipping ports in the world—some forty percent of containerized imports to the United States pass through this so-called America’s Port. It is also ecologically rich. Built atop a land- and waterscape of vital importance to wildlife, the heavily industrialized Los Angeles Harbor contains estuarial wetlands, the LA River mouth, and a marine ecology where colder and warmer Pacific Ocean waters meet. In this compelling interdisciplinary investigation, award-winning author Christina Dunbar-Hester explores the complex relationships among commerce, empire, environment, and the nonhuman life forms of San Pedro Bay over the last fifty years—a period coinciding with the era of modern environmental regulation in the United States. The LA port complex is not simply a local site, Dunbar-Hester argues, but a node in a network that enables the continued expansion of capitalism, propelling trade as it drives the extraction of natural resources, labor violations, pollution, and other harms. Focusing specifically on cetaceans, bananas, sea birds, and otters whose lives are intertwined with the vitality of the port complex itself, Oil Beach reveals how logistics infrastructure threatens ecologies as it circulates goods and capital—and helps us to consider a future where the accumulation of life and the accumulation of capital are not in violent tension.
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  • How To Fly Fish - Your Step By Step Guide To Fly Fishing - cover

    How To Fly Fish - Your Step By...

    HowExpert, Lloyd Bentley

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    If you want to learn how to fly fish, then get "How To Fly Fish" guide which is written by a person with real life experience in fly fishing. 
    "How To Fly Fish" is a beginner’s guide to the sport of fly fishing. In it, you will find everything a new fly fisher should know about getting started in this rewarding, lifelong pastime. 
    You’ll learn about: 
    - Fish, mainly trout – their habits, favorite foods, secret hiding places and how to fool them with a tiny artificial fly 
    - Equipment – from rods and reels to nets and waders, what to look for in good gear and what you need in a beginner’s setup 
    - Reading water – recognizing structure and current patterns that make for good fly fishing water; temperature, clarity and flow rates for optimal conditions 
    - Insects – mayflies, caddis flies, stone flies, even grasshoppers; why the fish cannot resist them; selecting artificial flies to match the real thing 
    - Casting – basic instruction on how to get the fly in the air and onto the water; we’ll look at tempo and line management, and provide a couple of expert tips 
    - Hooking and playing a fish – what to do when you hook into a big, strong fish; techniques for working the rod and controlling the line 
    - Landing and releasing fish – how to handle and remove the hook from a tired trout in as little time as possible, sending it back home alive and well 
    - Hiring a guide – the benefits of spending a little cash for a lot of experience 
    - Drift boats – the allure of fly fishing from a river craft designed to maximize your success on the water 
    About the Expert 
    Lloyd Bentley earned a B.A. in Communications in Montreal, and continues to hone his craft, seeking out new challenges that feed his passion and test his skill. 
    HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.
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