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Jacks and kings - Volume One - Jacks and kings #1 - cover

Jacks and kings - Volume One - Jacks and kings #1

Tatter Jack

Publisher: TatterJack-ery

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You can die for your country in the sunlight. But for some people, holding on to who you love is something you have to hide. It's getting louder - can you hear it Billy? - Dulce et Decorum Est They say the longest journey starts with a single step. But sometimes, it's not even that. It's just one word. Like Okay. Even when the world thinks it isn't. - OkayLove can burn, and it can hurt. But what if the worst pain is when it's cold and gone? Those who sleep don't have to be forgotten. Stoned LoveShe never sees him. And that's not really surprising. But he sees her - the best girl he never fucked. Jimmy loved Benny. But not just Benny. That's just one reason he's Jimmy Two Time.First night in a new city. You know how it is. Crruising bars, looking for action - and a bloody party. Les Boys

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  • SIssified for Science 2: Phase I - Hypnotized Sissified Whipped & Humiliated #6 - cover

    SIssified for Science 2: Phase I...

    Aurora Sparks

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    In Aurora Sparks's bestselling short, Sissified for Science, the sexy and dominant Dr. Annette Braczynski successfully feminized heterosexual office drone Raymond Smalls, proving that in a strictly controlled environment, with the help of cutting-edge neurolinguistic programming techniques, any male can be transformed into a submissive, sex-obsessed sissy. 
    But that was only the beginning. In order to accomplish her true goal—the sissification and subjugation of every man on Earth—she needs a more efficient feminization method; one that doesn't require her constant supervision. With that in mind, she comes up with the brilliant idea to prime men for feminization and submission by injecting subliminal messages into their favorite video games. All she needs is the perfect subject to test her new procedure. 
    Enter Jake Miller, an overgrown frat boy whose main passions in life are coed tail, weightlifting... and first-person shooters. He signs up for Braczynski's week-long inpatient study in hopes of earning a little extra beer money, and possibly boning the beautiful doctor herself but, after a few sessions with a modified version of hit game Modern Battlefield, he begins to find himself more interested in her hunky male assistants. 
    Though Jake was a red-blooded heterosexual male when he arrived, fantasies of oral and anal sex with hot guys intrude more and more more often into his consciousness the more time he spends with the game. Suddenly disgusted with his masculine appearance, he feels compelled to shave his face and body to look more like a girl. He tries to repress his homosexual urges, but when the doctor's right-hand man shows up at his door in nothing but a pair of skintight briefs, he surprises himself by sucking the tall, handsome blonde off. After that, he finds himself sliding down a slippery slope to full-blown sissyhood, powerless to stop his descent. Stranger still, he's starting to enjoy his new feminine lifestyle... 
    This is the first book in a two-part series chronicling Jake Miller's feminization and sissy training. For the story's sexy conclusion, check out Sissified for Science 2: PHASE II, out now on Kobo!
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  • Island of Desire - cover

    Island of Desire

    Alana Church

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    It seemed like a golden opportunity for siblings Brigid and Connor Flaherty: Jobs in an island paradise, far away from the modern world. But the sultry, tropical nights bring forbidden temptations. Will Connor join with Elenoa, the sexy priestess? Will Brigid find love in the strong arms of Tahu? Or will they break the ultimate taboo with each other? Find out in "Island of Desire."
    ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
    He was just turning to leave when a furtive gleam of sunlight on polished wood caught his eye. He bent forward to look, and his eyes widened in surprise.
    Shoved into a corner was a statue of a nude woman, made of a wood that exactly matched the skin tone of many of the people he had met on the island. It was not life size, perhaps three feet long and two feet high, but it was extremely accurate, and exquisitely carved. She was on her hands and knees, her pert rear canted sexily upward. Her thighs were spread invitingly. As he turned it over, he could see the sweet curves of her breasts.
    He set the statue on the table, grunting slightly with the effort, wondering who had made it, and why it was sitting neglected in a corner of a disused room rather than being displayed properly. The woman's eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted, and he could almost hear the rapid beat of her gasping breath as her lover approached. Her head was turned, looking over her shoulder, and he imagined her eyes would open, seeing him near, and she would smile in welcome. He ran his hand from the nape of her neck to the cleft of her buttocks, the wood warm under his fingers. Almost involuntarily, his fingers probed, then his eyes widened in shock. By some bizarre circumstance, the wood felt almost…wet.
    A muffled gasp reached his ears, and he turned quickly, his face burning, hoping that whoever was there had not witnessed his…God, what could he call it? Molestation of art?
    Kalele stood a few feet away, her eyes wide. Sweat beaded the line of her upper lip, and her skin looked flushed. She closed her eyes briefly, then smiled shyly, her large, dark eyes making her into some wary woodland creature, best approached carefully.
    “Do you like it?” she asked, her voice low but achingly pure in the close confines of the room.
    “It's beautiful,” he answered honestly. “Do you know who made it?”
    She nodded. “My great-grandfather. He was a famous woodworker.”
    “And the woman?” He hoped the question wouldn't be too revealing.
    “My great-grandmother.” She walked across the room to join him. One small hand reached out and caressed the wooden cheek on the table, lingering fondly. “She died when I was a small girl. I only knew her as an old woman, but sometimes there was a look in her eye that told you of the woman she had been.”
    “Were you close?”
    She nodded, her face sad. “There are some who say I resemble her. Not…not my personality,” she stuttered, her dark skin growing darker. “She had a very rude sense of humor,” she said, her eyes twinkling mischievously, and Connor suddenly wondered how much of her shyness was merely an act. “It drove my poor mother, her granddaughter, crazy.
    “But physically, they say we are almost twins.”
    Connor swallowed. “Then she must have been amazingly lovely,” he said.
    Kalele looked up, her eyes suddenly intent, though a gleam of humor danced in their depths. “Mr. Flaherty, was that a compliment?”
    He swallowed. “It was. And now I am going to blush,” he said, already feeling his skin heat. “So could you do something to make this less awkward for me?”
    “I might be able to think of something,” she breathed. He suddenly realized they were standing very close. A touch, and their fingers were entwined, gripping hard. A face like a tropical flower lifted, her lips opening invitingly. Her breasts brushed against the material of his shirt, and the touch burned. He leaned down, all his awkwardness blowing away, ready to join with her…
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  • All of the Voices - cover

    All of the Voices

    Bailey Bradford

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    The body might be reluctant, but there's more than one spirit willing to step in and keep two stubborn men from walking away from each other forever…
    Deputy Matt Nixon has had a rough time of it lately. He's put up with the spirit of his boss's dead lover, been stabbed, and had his fledgling interest in another man cruelly flung back in his face. His only close friend is an elderly woman who gets her kicks from calling in false prowler reports then greeting the responding deputies with a lewd proposition and little clothes.
    When he finds her dead, Matt grieves for the old woman so many people snickered at—and he fumes at the idea of her snooty nephew from New York who never bothered to visit her. Matt is going to give Carlin Douglas a piece of his mind if he does show up.
    Carlin Douglas hates the small town of McKinton, Texas. The only other time he'd been there was years ago when Zeke Mathers was almost killed in a gay bashing. Now Carlin has obligations that keep him tied to New York, but he doesn't mind.
    Until he clashes with Deputy Matt Nixon, a man who seems determined to hate him. But McKinton is a different place, and there's always a spirit or two lingering, just waiting for an opportunity…to meddle.
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  • The Silent Service - cover

    The Silent Service

    Paul Enock

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    The Silent Service, so called because of its clandestine operations, is the UK navy’s only division that does not allow female Service Personnel, but it has tried. After the failure of the UK's trial introduction of female submariners into the SSBN fleet, the Admiralty decide to boost morale by following Japan's lead of World War II and use 'Comfort Girls' on the boats. Faced with a dearth of occupied nations from which to draw 'volunteers', the British Government offered selected prison inmates the opportunity to reduce their sentence by serving on the submarines.
    Meanwhile Laura, recently widowed, is offered a job interview at the Naval Dockyard in Helensburgh, but some underhand dealing by a spurned suitor results in her mistaken for a convict and coerced into service as a Comfort Girl. As things turn out, servicing 150 sex-starved submariners is only the start of Laura's problems which threaten to build into a whole lifetime of abject humiliation, draconian controls and desolate frustration occasionally relieved by short bursts of unbearable but unavoidable stimulation. To make matters even worse, or at least even more interesting, her long term minder has decided he'd like his milk fresh everyday and that she should be the supplier.
    It's enough to mess with the mind of any independently minded, 22 year old, red headed lady…
    This is a novel of over 80000 words and contains graphic scenes only suitable for an adult readership.
    ...Paul Enock is an Engineer and Inventor by day and an author in the evenings. He lives in the Forest of Dean in the UK and can be contacted on: [email protected]
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  • Meeting - Journal I - cover

    Meeting - Journal I

    Hollie Delaney

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    For Victoria Hamilton things were getting odd.  The guy at the library staring at her without embarrassment.  The same guy standing on the snow covered street in the dark.  Then again across from her office in broad daylight on the coldest day of the year.  An email referral from some long quiet foreign Clients.  The subsequent phone call from an unknown lawyer followed by an email from his employer describing requirements for a property not to exceed ten million dollars. Now that waswellvery odd.
    Victorias life was finally working for her.  No complaints.  Kids grown and definitely living their own lives.  A well situated condo that contained only her necessities.  A boutique real estate brokerage functioning within her business model that treated her well.  She could buy her lattes, pay her bills and have the occasional tryst if someone struck her fancy.  After all the starts and stops in her life, Victoria understood that she was marking time.  She was fine with it. 
    But the usually quiet winter was getting just plain weird.
    Hollie Delaneys first novel wraps an inside look at the real estate business around a provocative tale of the paranormal splashed with sizzle.
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  • Desert Studs - An Illustrated Gay Novel - cover

    Desert Studs - An Illustrated...

    Zack Fraker

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    When Joe and Alan decide on a backpacking expedition in the Arizona Desert, they want the trip to be tough, grueling, and hot. But what they encounter is heat of a different kind—rutting studs! Kidnapped on the desert sands, they are flown to a luxury hideaway and meet Uli, mastermind of sex and drugs, slave master over a stable of young studs trained to please every perversion the rich can pay for … In this searing dream world of wild sex, where anything goes and no animal urge is denied, lust goes berserk in a prison with its own rules—can Joe and Alan take it?
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