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Edging Straight - Volume Three - Edging Straight #3 - cover

Edging Straight - Volume Three - Edging Straight #3

Tatter Jack

Publisher: TatterJack-ery

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Some birthdays hurt more than others - if you're lucky, that is. Pillow TalkYou know Suzie, John? The Junior in my office? I helped her put her skirt on today. But not her panties. I kept those - they tasted so good! Knock-KnockI always work Saturday. And it’s always Saturday you come to the store. You said you’d send me the recipe for garlic mushrooms, but you didn’t have my email address. I told you I couldn’t because Steve wouldn’t like it. He’d tell me off. I wish he’d tell me off more often... Dear DiaryMusic? Yeah. That's me. Me an' Lady, anyway. Lady's my sax. Time was, you wanted great sax you looked for Johnny. That's me. Back then it was Johnny Blue. Now they call me H. Johnny fuckin' H, an' they laugh. Johnny HI get out of the car, and I wait. You come round from your side, and you clip the leash to my collar. I pull the slip knot on my bolero top and slide it off, then the button on my wrapover skirt, and I smile. I doesn't get any better than this. Walk Tall

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    The contracts may be signed, but the negotiations are far from finished... 
    Miles Xavier is a master at acquisitions, and Vanity Owens is an attorney more than fond of a good and healthy battle of wits. Business and pleasure are about to collide. The contracts turning over control of the Eidolon Arms Hotel to Xavier Industries are signed in the boardroom, but it’s not in the boardroom that the sparks really fly. For Vanity, that’s merely foreplay before cinching the real deal. 
    When negotiations are adjourned to the penthouse apartment at the newly acquired exclusive hotel, things really explode. After months of intense bargaining, Vanity is more than primed to finally have Miles in her bed for one night of phenomenal sex. Miles is a hands-on sort of man, and Vanity may be in for a surprise because this lover is about to turn the tables on her. This is one sinful obsession that may have Vanity in an unexpected, yet satisfying position... 
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    	She finds she's losing touch with herself and her family as she's swept up in the whirlwind of rock star life.
    	Can she keep her identity in the presence of Killian's blinding star power? Will independence spell disaster for their steamy affair?
    	Series Description: 
    	Sloan doesn't get out much. When her best-friend Lee drags her to a secret concert featuring one of the hottest rock stars around, she doesn't expect much. In fact, she sneaks out before the show even begins.
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    A human coming to grips with her new heritage.
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    Caution: Bestiality and Water Sports Content. Strictly 18+ Adults Only
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    Running Free by Beverly Langland
    Sitting alone in the park, watching the sun comes up, makes Alex feel free and alive. She just can’t resist the urge to tear off her clothes and run naked through the woods. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, she is able to indulge her wildest, most primitive fantasies, but can she recapture the passion that’s been missing in her life?
    Picking The Man by Penelope Friday
    Ellie’s an expert in seduction – and she never lets the fact she’s in a wheelchair get in the way of her pleasure. When she sets her sights on the guy in the red jumper as he innocently reads his paper, she is determined this hot summer night will be one of mindblowing passion for both of them.
    Captive Dove by Alcamia
    All her deepest sexual fantasies involve being caged and confined. So when Lucinda meets enigmatic artist Emile, who is obsessed with painting models in cages, she thinks she’s found her perfect match. But can she reach through the bars around his soul and touch the part of his sexuality he has always kept locked away?
    Wash And Blow Job by Les Hansom
    Tim’s wife likes to control everything in his life, and that includes when and where he gets his hair cut. What she doesn’t realise is that she’s booked him an appointment with a sassy female stylist who’s about to give Tim the most erotic salon experience of his life.
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    Peachy Talbot may not be a hunk, but he’s the man every woman wants, so no one can understand why Kath would turn him down. Finally persuaded to go on a date with him, she discovers everything she’s heard about his reputation as a lover is true. Sex gods don’t come around too often, so how far will Kath and the rest of his office fan club go to make sure Peachy isn’t taken away from them?
    These stories have also been published in Seriously Sexy Three ISBN 9781906125905
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