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Edging Straight - Volume Four - Edging Straight #4 - cover

Edging Straight - Volume Four - Edging Straight #4

Tatter Jack

Publisher: TatterJack-ery

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The stones sit here, and it’s like they’ve always been here, eternal, unchanging. But things do change. Because now one’s filled, the space beneath at least. So when the rain’s coming, I get up, and I get dressed, and I come here. Because you so loved the rain. When the rain comesMy cell rings again. Once, then again. I wait. Then I hear it. The door, unlocking. The door, opening. The footsteps, coming closer to the bathroom. A moment’s pause – and I hear the door, opening. I fucking love Bath Night.I march, because I can see you up ahead, and you're smiling, and you're in your best dress, and as I march past you blow me a kiss, and you wink. And it's that special wink you have, and I know what that means – and if I could fucking run to the end of this march I'd run, and to fuck with Sergeant MacAllister. Event HorizonLaura’s a damn fine secretary. It’s not really her fault she’s rather good at hiring other things in my office as well. Or at least one other thing. But I think I’ve found a way to help her fix that problem... Office TrainingI couldn’t do it. Just… couldn’t. Not even once. Not since the day you… Well. Not ‘since’. I even went down to 54th and Nowhere, and tried a rental. It was no good. I couldn’t get it up, never mind get it done. Then it arrived... Cuming Home

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  • Taken by Sadistic - Rage Ryders Mc - cover

    Taken by Sadistic - Rage Ryders Mc

    Liberty Parker

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    Rage Ryders are back for Tic and Kori’s story. Their story started years ago, and they’re finally getting their reunion.Sadis’(Tic)’ and Kori fell in love only to have it ripped apart by her father and his evil plans for his daughter. 
    She’s always known her father is evil, but when he makes plans to hurt Tic and his brothers she makes a decision which will impact all of their lives. So Kori does what she feels is best -- she runs. 
    Tic knew the day was coming when Kori was leaving, they had it planned, but when she left before schedule, he had known her father was involved. Vowing to make her father pay, he started his plans immediately for when she returned.When they finally reunite it isn’t what he had planned, he fights for what’s his, and Kori gives into her heart’s desires. The Rage Ryders have another battle on their hands as they take on Kori’s father and his band of evil drug dealings. More secrets emerge. Can Kori and Tic come out stronger and still keep their relationship intact, or was it doomed from the beginning? 
    This is the third installment of the Rage Ryders Saga. 
    This book concludes Tic and Kori's story and leaves openings for other couples to come. There is no cliffhanger. 
    This book is not suitable for those under the age of 18. 
    Does touch the subject of emotional and physical abuse. Please do not purchase this book if these topics are hard for you to read about or could cause you a trigger. 
    There is sexual content.
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  • Loni Needs a Lesson - Spoiling the Rich School Brats #1 - cover

    Loni Needs a Lesson - Spoiling...

    Banger Page

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    You don't need to know my name. Or my job. All you need to know is that I work for a school.  
    Loni is this girl who doesn't understand yet what it means to be an adult. She has the body of an adult. She's legally an adult. She can be punished hard like an adult. 
    But she's still acting like a teenager. She's dating, Aaron, her boyfriend from junior high. She's breaking the rules. She's breaking the law. She doesn't understand she isn't a kid anymore. 
    So when I catch her committing a serious crime, I decide to teach her what it means to be an adult. Because, she can go to jail if she screws up now. 
    And with her body, she can do a lot better than Aaron. She needs to learn that lesson, too. 
    This is the story of what I taught her. Every explicit little detail. It's a 5,000 word short story full of explicit sex and punishment and adult themes. Are you adult enough to handle it?
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  • Biker Bar Gangbang - Bareback Creampie Anal Oral Deep Throat Spitroast Humiliation Exhibitionism - cover

    Biker Bar Gangbang - Bareback...

    Jade Summers

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    Laney is on her way home from a party. She's lost and she has to pee. Thinking she can get some help in a dark bar on a deserted street she goes in. The men inside pull off her skimpy dress and take turns using her for hours and she gets to experience her ultimate gangbang fantasy.
    "Would it be possible to use the ladies room?" I asked the bartender.
    "Sure, sweet thing. But it's gonna cost you," he said with a grin.
    "Well, I'm on my way home. I got kind of lost trying to find the subway and I really just need to pee and get directions if that's okay."
    "The bartender looked at the other guys that were sitting at the bar and gave them a funny look. "No problem. It's the second door at the end of the hall there down."
    I smiled at him and headed in the direction that he pointed. I just wanted to use the bathroom and get out of there as quickly as possible. I didn't think that I was in any danger but I really didn't like the way the bartender looked at the guys sitting at the bar.
    When I left the bathroom it seemed like there were a few more guys crowded around the bar. They were all huge. Tall and burly with beards and leather jackets and as I approached them I had to squeeze through a few of them to get past the bar. But every guy I passed didn't budge when I said excuse me. They just stayed where they were standing and let my body brush up against theirs.
    Suddenly it felt like they were all crowding around me and one guy who was kind of scary looking stood right in my path and wouldn't move.
    "Excuse me, please, I just need to get by."
    "Where are you headed so quick, little girl? Stay and have a drink with us. We won't bite," he said with a laugh as the rest of the men who were surrounding me joined in.
    "No, I really just want to get home."
    But as I spoke I felt one of the men come up behind me. He lifted my the skirt of my dress up and pulled my ass backward so that it was pressed up against his jeans. I could feel his hard cock pressing into the space between my ass cheeks.
    "Hey!" I said as I twisted to look at the guy behind me. But as soon as I did the man who was blocking my way in front of me grabbed the top of my dress and pulled it down and my boobs popped out. I had a bra on but it was really low-cut so that it didn't show under the dress, and it barely covered my breasts.
    The man behind me pulled my dress all the way down to the floor and pulled my arms behind me, then the man in front of me undid the front clasp on my bra. My breasts spilled out and the man in front of me grabbed both of them in his hands and squeezed them hard.
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  • Solstice Burn - Club Altura Romance - cover

    Solstice Burn - Club Altura Romance

    Kym Grosso

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    From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Kym Grosso 
    A Club Altura Prequel Novella 
    Temptations flare in the hedonistic tropics when wealthy philanthropist and professional deep sea diver, Chase Abbott, rescues a beautiful woman at sea. 
    Penny Travis, a big city lawyer, may have been looking for relaxation at the exclusive adults’ resort, but she soon embraces adventure, submitting to secret fantasies within the arms of her charismatic hero. 
    Warning: This book contains several erotic love scenes and is intended for adult readers only. 
    Solstice Burn (A Club Altura Romance Novella) 
    Carnal Risk (Club Altura Romance, Book 1) 
    Wicked Rush (Club Altura Romance, Book 2)
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  • Doing A Bang-Up Job: An Interracial Menage Erotica - cover

    Doing A Bang-Up Job: An...

    Lola Starr

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    She is a well-to-do white suburbanite who is used to getting her way. Now her big mouth and hot temper have gotten her in trouble with a group of black men working in her neighborhood. They decide she needs a lesson on how it feels to be degraded, and they will teach her well. By the time they are through with her, she will have an aching ***** to go along with her bruised ego. 
     WARNING--This is an erotic short story. It contains explicit sexual content, including oral and anal sex, double and triple penetration, and rough sex between a white woman and multiple black men. Discretion advised.
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  • Ben's Bisexual Boss - Nearly Straight Men #6 - cover

    Ben's Bisexual Boss - Nearly...

    EZ Ryder

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    A hot blow bi blow account of two men, Ben and Neil, having sex in their workplace, the library. 
    Things get even hotter when they are joined by Ben's girlfriend Sonia. 
    This story is 7500 words long and contains M/M, MMF, O, A  and filthy language. 
    Only suitable for unshockable adults.
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