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TatterJack-ery (a sampler) - TatterJack-ery #1 - cover

TatterJack-ery (a sampler) - TatterJack-ery #1

Tatter Jack

Publisher: TatterJack-ery

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Extracts from:

Edging Straight (M-F) - Volume One

Jacks and kings (M-M) - Volume One

Two of a kind (F-F) - Volume One


Journey’s End


Tatter Jack

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    And I’m going to sue that singer Charlie Wilson too. He’s the one who put the notion in my head about going out to the mall and meeting some chicks. And just like he sung, there she was sitting in the food court sipping lemonade. Well my mama had been riding my butt about me needing a job, so I said, let me kill two birds with one stone and go fill out some job applications and see some fine women too. I had on my nice blue business suit when I introduced myself. She was coy and pretended to be uninterested, but I made sure my eleven was nicely outlined in my pants as I sat down at her table. I told her I was into investments. That’s not a lie. I spend a lot of time in the study of making money. Me and an older chick spent a weekend down at the casino investing her husband’s money. She told him she had gone to Louisiana to attend her aunt’s funeral. Well she did go to the wake. But that’s another story. 
    So my girl sipped her lemonade. I asked her name. She said, “Celie.” 
    “What kind of countrified name is that?” I blurted out before thinking. 
    “So. My mama liked the Color Purple when she was carrying me. If you don’t like my name, you sho ain’t got to call it. It’s plenty other women out here with prettier names looking for some broke busters.”
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    I sаt in mу living room wаtсhing аn old drаmа on саblе. But I couldn’t help but look out our bасk window to mу nеighbor's рorсh. A уoung сouрlе, Chеrуl аnd Sаmаnthа, livеd nеxt door togеthеr. On the surface all seems perfectly normal except just two dауs before I hаd seduced thе уoung wifе аftеr disсovеring hеr реrsonаl аd on the internet аnd used it to gеt into hеr bеdroom. Her secret was exposed and only to me. Shе wаs а Closеt Submissivе just disсovеring who shе wаs, but I already knew who I was…..
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    All Lydia wants is her cushy law firm job back...until she meets nineteen-year-old Isaac Ortiz. Wants? All. Bets. Are. Off. 
    "This duo has done it again! Riptides is the perfect mix of steam and heart. Each book in this series is filled with characters that you can't get enough of. The Silver Strand series is a must read!" -- #1 NYT Bestselling Author, COLLEEN HOOVER on Riptides 
    There’s no way Lydia--oldest and most responsible of the tight-knit Rodriguez clan--is going to let her nosy family find out about the uncharacteristic work screw-up that landed her a paid suspension. 
    To keep busy and avoid panic, she enrolls in a life enrichment class. The first guest speaker is a handsome artist with a wicked smile and eyes that melt right through her. 
    Even the “ice princess” can’t help but feel an immediate spark that lights her blood on fire. 
    Isaac Ortiz is unquestionably the sexiest man Lydia has ever met. The talented son of a famous Spanish artist, he’s constantly moving from one new glamorous city to another, working if and when the muse visits him. 
    He also has a stare that makes Lydia’s heart race and hands that look more than capable of making her scream with pleasure. She shouldn’t be attracted to this free-spirit who makes all his own rules--but she is. 
    There’s just one hiccup....Isaac is nineteen. 
    Lydia has lived her entire life firmly inside the box, and being with a younger man is definitely outside the safe confines she enjoys. 
    So why can’t she stay away from him? And why is she seriously considering his proposition to take off to a place she’s never been...just because? 
    When Lydia is invited back to work with a cleared name, she should be overjoyed. 
    But the reality is, Lydia doesn’t know what anchors her life anymore...or if she wants to be anchored at all. 
    Should she travel the world with Isaac? Or continue down the road that she’s worked long and hard to pave for herself? Choosing one means losing the other, and Lydia isn’t sure if she’s ready to drift with the current that’s pulling her by the heart. 
    Silver Strand Series books in order (though all books can be read as stand alone books in any order!) 
    1. Lengths 
    2. Depths 
    3. Limits 
    4. Ties 
    5. Riptides (a Silver Strand novella) 
    6. Drift
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    Seducing Danger - A Bad Boy...

    Kathleen Hope

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    “You’re so wet,” he whispered against her, and his voice vibrated against her too-sensitive flesh before his finger moved to trace her through the soaked fabric.And then his hands moved so quickly, she didn’t know what he was doing until it was too late. He’d grabbed onto the sides of her thong and torn them apart in one, swift movement. Suddenly, she was completely bare...right there in the park...“Oh god,” she moaned as he silenced her thoughts with the tip of his tongue, gliding along her wet slit with a feather light touch that sought to overwhelm her with pleasure and frustration at the same time. She wanted him to stop — he shouldn’t be doing this — and she wanted him to press harder, to go deeper...An Author's Republic audio production.
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    Emma had everything. A young husband & a partnership in a thriving business- but Brianna wanted it all! Through deception, hypnosis and mind control, Brianna takes control of Emma and possesses her mind, body and sexuality. 
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