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Edging Straight - Volume One - Edging Straight #1 - cover

Edging Straight - Volume One - Edging Straight #1

Tatter Jack

Publisher: TatterJack-ery

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If sex is about anatomy, then maybe eroticism is about people. And maybe something can even be erotic without sex. Was it that way The Day we Didn't? 
Outside the air is already hanging still and clear, the crips edges of Winter all too ready to chill the skin. Inside? Inside, a Fire's growing... 
Twentieth floor of a tower block - on the outside. OK. So maybe it wasn't really Elvis' fault. But if there's a diamond in a safe on the twenty second, why's Spider Murphy stopped at twenty flights with a rock between his legs? Twenty flight cock. 
The neon burns, and the club's a heaving mass of bodies. I see you come on to the floor at the other side, and my hips begin to slide. And again we are shadows - and we dance. Shadow Dancing 
The thing with being a Caterpillar is, you have to lose a lot of what you are to become a butterfly - before you can fly. The girl in the mirror grins - and I start to unbutton my shirt.

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    This red-hot busty bundle offers something for everyone whether you like your hucows sweet and romantic, naughty, or downright dirty. These lactating ladies love adult breastfeeding and sharing their erotic adventures with you. 
    So find a quiet place where you can enjoy a sexy story, and whatever else you may be inclined to do!
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  • The Fall of Julie Snow - Down the Dark Path Trilogy #1 - cover

    The Fall of Julie Snow - Down...

    JJ Stuart

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    Twenty-four-year old Julie Snow is a young married mother and high school English teacher. 
    Her life has become routine and her marriage has become bland. Luckily she had a handsome co-worker named Brad who makes her laugh and smile. Brad seems to be showing her a lot of attention lately but Julie doesn't mind. She likes the emotional connection they are making, and over time even 
    grows to love Brad in a way. 
    Their friendship grows into something a little more as Brad begins to teach her that not everything has to remain a fantasy. Craving a man who understands her, Julie follows the dark path to a marital affair. Brad opens her eyes to sexual possibilities far beyond her marital bed. He expands her horizons and fills her with a hunger for more. She wants it all, and Brad, it seems, is more than willing to lead her even further down the dark path. He introduces her to the world of bondage and the relationship between a Dom and a Submissive. Julie takes it all in and her hunger grows. Brad, it seems, is grooming her to be something more. Something darker. But Julie trusts him. He would never leave her alone on the path she is walking now. Brad is her rock. Or is he? 
    What dark secrets does he have in store for Julie? For now, seduction is his game and Julie is more than willing to play. 
    The Fall of Julie Snow, is the first book in the "Down the Dark Path Trilogy" and explores an innocent housewife's seemingly harmless journey into the world of being a BDSM submissive to the man she loves, behind the back of her neglectful husband. How far will she go before she realizes there is no turning back?
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