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Mindfulness Practitioner - cover

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Mindfulness Practitioner

Dr Paras

Publisher: Dr Paras Wellness Pvt Ltd

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Are you looking to calm the chaos in the mind? Welcome to Mindfulness.  
Mindfulness is an ancient spiritual practice. This book will completely change the way you think, act, and decide by using your senses wisely. 
If you're the person who's constantly trapped in the grind, you'd notice a state of restlessness within the self. Your mind may move from one difficult thought to another to cause tremendous anxiety. You may even feel dissatisfied with all your achievements. How does one overcome this state? 
The 'Mindfulness Practitioner' book by Dr. Paras shares deeper insights on learning what mindfulness is, understanding its application, and knowing how to reap rich rewards from this spiritual practice. This is a powerful book to have if you'd like to tap into your inner resources to improve your life on the professional and personal front. It gives you the techniques to embrace the present moment while raising awareness levels. You embrace ways to manage behaviors that change your responses to stress levels. You also stop being judgmental and accept self and others with great curiosity. Once you integrate all the techniques, you will explore life from a completely new angle. 
With the regular practice of Mindfulness, you'll realize its numerous benefits. You can access its complete knowledge without the need to change your faith, religion, culture, or beliefs. 
Dr. Paras (Founder at Matrrix, India) is an experienced and certified Mindfulness Practitioner. He is also an ICF and EMCC member who works as a Life Leadership Coach. He has spent more than 16+ years transforming the lives of people. He runs regular Mindfulness Practitioner Certifications and Retreats for those seeking to learn Mindfulness and has numerous awards to his credit. With this book, he explores mindfulness through 5 chapters giving readers deep insights into the world of mindfulness.

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