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The Curse of Goodness - cover

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The Curse of Goodness

Tom Thowsen

Publisher: Tom Thowsen

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Tubbe Eriksson has received a concerning royal request: his assistance is required for a meeting with the Hanseatic League. Tubbe fears that it may be a trap and that an event from his past is about to catch up with him. At worst, he risks being accused of high treason. Therefore, he tries to recall the events that transpired 10 years prior – a very dramatic and intricate affair. Tubbe himself believes he acted in good faith. 
The Curse of Goodness is a fierce novelette in which good intentions have unexpected consequences. The novelette (12.000 words) is written by the Norwegian author Tom Thowsen and offers a different angle on the story in his previous novel, Kayaweta.
Available since: 05/04/2020.

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