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Avoiding Critical Marketing Errors: How to Go from Dumb to Smart Marketing - cover

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Avoiding Critical Marketing Errors: How to Go from Dumb to Smart Marketing

Richard Czerniawski

Publisher: BDN International

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"Richard is at the very top of the list when it comes to people who can help someone understand how to be a great marketer." Kurt Kane, EVP Chief Concept & Marketing Officer, at The Wendy's Company 
"Richard reminds us vividly that marketing, now more than ever before, has a critical role to play in generating impact and lasting results." - Didier Devaud, Vice President Global Marketing and Education iTero, Align Technology 
"AVOIDING CRITICAL MARKETING ERRORS is the de facto tool for all marketers to get smart(er) so they may elevate their business impact!"  - Ben Cook, President, Acumen Learning 
"Experienced or not, this book will sharpen your saw and propel your ability to deliver results." - Lisa Tollman, Executive Director, Amgen 
AVOIDING CRITICAL MARKETING ERRORS: How to Go from Dumb to Smart Marketing may offend marketers who don't recognize they can do much more with marketing, and it will probably disturb those who are satisfied with the status quo. 
Marketing is underutilized and losing its relevance. Ignorance of proven principles and failure to adopt best practices and quality processes is at the root of the decline of marketing's role and relevance in the present era. This decline is exacerbated by marketers not being held accountable or accepting accountability for providing a clear line-of-sight in driving financial outcomes and growing healthy brands. 
That's not smart. It's dumb marketing! Yet, in today's "age of abundance and sameness," where generally acceptable quality (GAQ) rules, smart marketing is more essential than ever. 
This book, written by Richard Czerniawski, a veteran career marketer, tackles critical marketing errors, those grave blunders, slip-ups and missteps, both of omission and commission, that not only lead to underperformance but further threaten marketing relevance and undermine brand potential. Importantly, it addresses what all marketers and their organizations need to do to achieve smart marketing, so it matters where it counts: in the marketplace. 
If you are one of those other marketers and senior managers who recognize they are, and/or marketing is, underutilized—regardless of the current level—and want to improve this situation, then this book will prove invaluable to you. If you are one of these marketers, you will not be offended by the content. Instead, it will provoke your thinking and assist you in your pursuit of achieving marketing excellence. 
"Any smart marketer should read this book – now!" Gilberto Dalesio, Chief Commercial Officer, SIFI 
"I can attest that Richard's focus on genuine marketing excellence delivers the incremental sales impact, ROI and accountability that everyone in the organization should demand." -  Peter Valenti, Division President, Hologic 
"This is a no-nonsense book with practical advice and plenty of examples on doing smart marketing from a successful, veteran marketer." Santosh Chaturvedi, VP, New Products Planning & Portfolio Strategy, Global Oncology, EMD Serono 
"This book will make you laugh at outrageous gaffes, wince in recognition of your own mistakes, learn how to avoid marketing traps, and most importantly, put your brand on a bullet train headed straight for brand loyalty." Robin Shapiro, Global President, TBWA/WORLDHEALTH
Available since: 03/17/2020.

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