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The Marine's Temptation - cover

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The Marine's Temptation

Livvy Ward

Publisher: RoseLark Publishing

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Destination weddings are the worst. Sure, there's sun and sand, but you have to get there. And for U.S. Marine Nate, that means driving his sister's maid of honor to the wedding. Nate's known Maggie for years. But this vision in front of him can't be Maggie, can it? And what's up with the cute, German Shepherd puppy? 
Maggie's having one hell of a time. First her now-ex-boyfriend bails on her and now this! Sure, she might have had a teensy tiny crush on Nate, but that was ages ago. She's just got to make it to the wedding with her service dog in training, Kaela, and she'll be fine. 
Except circumstances conspire against them, and they're forced to spend the night in a motel room with only one bed...
Available since: 09/10/2019.

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    Acres of Diamonds                                                    [Russell Conwell] - Starts at Chapter 106 
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    The Sky is the Limit Vol 2 
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    Every Man His Own University                                 
    Russell H. Conwell] - Starts at Chapter 277
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  • Old Flame - A twisted tale of lust obsession and revenge - cover

    Old Flame - A twisted tale of...

    Will Patching

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    A dark and disturbingly twisted 'short shot': 
    Will Tom Creed's obsession with his deceased 'old flame' leave him badly burned?  
    High-flyer Creed is a man used to getting whatever he wants in life, no matter what obstacles are in his way. 
    Dazzled by a beautiful woman who resembles Stella Kinsella, his former lover, he becomes obsessed. 
    Her initial rejection only feeds his desire, challenging his inflated ego and threatening his self-esteem. 
    But, like Icarus, flying too close to the sun, will Creed's obsession bring about his downfall? 
    Find out in this twisted mini-thriller (c70 minutes), performed by award-winning narrator, Gary Furlong. 
    Please note: Old Flame also appears in Will Patching's Short Shots: Blood on their Hands. 
    Not for the faint-hearted.
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