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No Niche Necessary - How to build a fulfilling multi-passionate business by adding flavor in your unique way - cover

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No Niche Necessary - How to build a fulfilling multi-passionate business by adding flavor in your unique way

Kristen Leigh King

Publisher: Silvester and Eve Publishing

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Do you want to start a business but can't decide how to niche down? 
Are you passionate about too many things to choose just one? 
As a former military officer and project manager turned photographer, 
brand strategist, and coach, the author, Kristen King, understands the struggle of a 
multi-passionate entrepreneur. In this book, she discusses how you have the power to 
carve your own path without conforming to the typical idea of a niche. Instead, she 
coaches you through how to find the intersection of your many passions, reframe your 
mindset around being a solopreneur, and learn to combine your passions in your 
own unique way. 
With this book as your guide, you’ll learn how to: 
- Value your entrepreneurial potential as someone with many areas of expertise 
- Move beyond the blocks that have been stifling your business growth 
- Build a flexible business framework that allows you to do what inspires you 
- Create a brand that embraces your many interests and still feels cohesive 
- Make progress even when you feel pulled to work on many different projects 
It’s time to tap into your inner compass, see the uniqueness in all you do, and start 
making the impact you were meant to make all on your own terms. 
If you're ready to transform into the successful entrepreneur that you know you're meant to be, then grab this book to start your journey.
Available since: 02/19/2019.

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     Have you ever seen Hugh Jackman’s impressive physique in Wolverine? Will you believe me if I tell you that you can have Wolverine-like body, too? 
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    Intermittent fasting is not an entirely modern invention. Our ancestors have been doing this. We have been performing this unknowingly. We have done IF at some point in our lives but we are unaware of it. 
    This book will give you all there is to know about IF. Moreover, you will also learn how to perform the 8:16 IF diet properly to achieve your best form and healthiest status. 
    This book will show you that even though the keto diet involves controlling the amount of carbohydrates you consume, it does not mean having to give up your beloved cakes and other sweet treats. 
    Inside, you will find out how the 5:2 diet works and how it can help you achieve your weight goals in a short period of time. Watch yourself transform without making drastic changes in your eating habit. I’ve also included some tips and tricks to get you started. 
    Read this book today and get the body you have been striving to achieve. 
    Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!
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