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Stil's Heart: A Rumpelstiltskin Tale - Passion-Filled Fairy Tales #7 - cover

Stil's Heart: A Rumpelstiltskin Tale - Passion-Filled Fairy Tales #7

Rosetta Bloom

Publisher: In Bloom Press

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Rumpelstiltskin wasn't always an impish little fellow. He used to be all man. He used to be tall and handsome with the body of an Adonis and a smile that lit up the room. 
But he was cocky and traded on his charms to get what he wanted. Back when he was a handsome man, he was known simply as Stil. And he could charm the pants off any gal in a room. But, like so many other men, he met a girl. The girl. The one who would make him want to be a better man. A girl who would change everything. 
In this steamy origin tale, find out how good ole Stil's world turned upside down, and he turned into that bedeviling little fellow we know from the Grimm brother's Rumpelstiltskin. 
(Warning: as this is an origin story that explains how Stil went from man to imp, it's not a happily ever after ending, like the other fairy tales in this series.)

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    	I don’t want to run.  
    	For the first time since arriving in this weird stretch of forest, I feel like I’m home.
    	All I want is for Sebastien’s promise to be real, to never have to be without him.
    	Outside the cave, somewhere in the distance, his subordinates howl, their voices piercing the night. Looking back, first at where he enters me, then at his face, I see that the pack’s sound brings him comfort.
    	“When you wake up,” he says as sweat that looks like quicksilver runs down his chest, “you’ll be alone. Don’t be afraid. I’ll never leave you. But there’s something we have to do.”
    	Before I say anything, my body clenches around him in a climax that threatens to take my consciousness, or wake me from sleep if this is a dream – I still can’t tell – and his hands curl around me, squeezing so hard I feel bruises.
    	“Don’t forget what I told you.” He whispers as a green twinge appears around the edges of my vision. “Don’t forget.”
    	He takes a breath.
    	I feel his kiss on the back of my neck, then behind my ear.
    	“Don’t forget.” His whisper fades into the night. A moment later, all I can sense is what’s left of his sweat on my skin, and his scent lingering in the air.
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