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Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind - cover

Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind

Ameet Aggarwal

Publisher: Ameet Aggarwal

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It is now time to feel well again, without chasing symptoms and without excessive supplements and medicines. 
Using powerful mind healing exercises, well explained holistic treatments and real-life cases of people getting better, Dr. Ameet simplifies your steps to health and emotional wellness. 
You get a clear understanding of how diet, inflammation, your digestive system, liver, adrenal glands, life choices, past traumas and subconscious beliefs affect your mood and your health, and what you can do to heal these quickly. 
You also learn how to use powerful therapies like nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, positive psychology and emotional release techniques in the right way to feel emotionally well again. 
What people are saying… 
Ameet gives simple steps to help you recover from anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, and with long-lasting results – Dr. Hyla Cass MD. 
I can't believe how easy it is to get better, after struggling for so long with too many medicines and supplements – A.R. 
I feel lots of confidence and my beliefs have changed. I'm smiling inside. Thanks! – R.S. 
Dr. Ameet Aggarwal ND is a naturopathic doctor, homeopath and psychotherapist (gestalt & family constellations). He grew up in Kenya, to where he returned to start private practice, health retreats and mobile clinics for poor communities after his studies in Canada. 
His quick recovery from trauma, anxiety and depression using holistic medicine and psychotherapy led him to teach students and doctors around the world how to treat the root cause of mental health issues. His coaching sessions are said to be some of the most profound sessions one can have. 
His book is considered as one of the most comprehensive approaches to treat anxiety, stress and depression and his 5 Steps to Amazing Health Online Program has been approved by many licensing associations as a professional development course for naturopathic doctors, nutritionist and dietitians.

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